Local Creatives Part 2

Local Creatives Part 2

Elle Raison shares her favourite local bloggers including Jasmine Dowling and Modern Legacy.

By Elle Raison | 9th July 2014

By Elle Raison

In part one of the Local Creatives series I introduced you to three out of five of my favourite local bloggers, Peppa Hart, Opinionslave and The Spring.

I hope you are ready to be even further inspired by the ladies featured in the Local Creative Part Two! Meet Jasmine Dowling and Modern Legacy, two Brisbane girls who are seriously making their mark in the fashion and graphic design world!


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Jasmine is one chick that I am quite envious of! Her talent for creating the most perfect, simple typography and visual styling is a skill set I wish I was better at.

At just 21 years of age, Jasmine is in her final year of a bachelor of design with a full time gig in typography as well as running her own online store and self-titled blog. With a typical day involving lots of coffee, even more emailing, creating brush typography and shooting outfits and new product, Jasmine says she can’t get enough of creating beautiful designs.

“I absolutely crave anything creative and am drawn to tangible design,” says Jasmine.

Interestingly, Jasmine only started her blog last February after a few people via Instagram asked her if she had one. With her boyfriend being a photographer, they started it together mainly as a fun project.

“Once we started we realised it was taking off way more than originally thought but it is still important to not take it all too seriously,” says Jasmine.

With 47,000 followers on Instagram (@jasminedowling), you are bound to have seen her quotes all over social media as well as snippets of her work in Real Living Magazines and Girlfriend. Even with the hype around her work, Jasmine insists her favourite aspect of blogging is purely sharing her work with like-minded people.

“I am a typical girl who loves playing dress ups - to me that is what blogging is a lot of the time - but just sharing it”.




At 25 years young, Kaitlyn is a full-time fashion blogger with a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts under her belt.

Modern Legacy was started in 2011 on somewhat of a whim. Kaitlyn decided it would be a wonderful time to start a blog as she had always loved reading other fashion blogs, finding them a constant source of inspiration.

“I thought how amazing it would be if I could in turn create content that could inspire others also,” says Kaitlyn.

“I decided upon graduation that I desperately needed to follow my passion and headed into the world of fashion and blogging. I have only very recently journeyed into blogging as my full-time career, which has been both a very daunting and very exciting prospect all at once”.

Kaitlyn says there are two things that drive her to do what she does every day; the knowledge that she is inspiring people and the amazing array of people she has had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with through Modern Legacy.

“To know that I create imagery that people find so special as to re-blog hundreds of thousands of times over Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram is one of the best feelings in the world.

“To also know the very humble beginnings of that image makes it that much more special, as you realise just how much you can do with very little resources,” says Kaitlyn.

“The unique opportunities my blog has provided me over the years have been beyond anything I could have dreamed of and I will always be so thankful for these experiences”.

So there you have it. A few of my favourites that I hope will quickly become some of your favourites as well. If you take the time to look, this city of ours is rich with culture and potential.

A couple of other awesome Brisbane blogs to check out include Two Bad Seeds and A Broke Girls Blog.


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Article by Elle Raison

Elle Raison is a former journalist of Style Magazines. With an avid appreciation for travel, food and friends, Elle is always ready for a new adventure, whether that be trying the latest local cafe, visiting a foreign destination or turning strangers into loved ones.


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