The Bridesmaid’s Dresses You’ll Actually Wear Again

The Bridesmaid’s Dresses You’ll Actually Wear Again

There’s joy in being an outfit repeater.

By Jade Horrobin | 15th February 2018

So your bestie is getting married. How exciting! That is, until you remember that you’ll be parading down the aisle, bouquet in hand wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. Let the nightmares of peach-toned tulle and over-exaggerated sweetheart necklines fade away—it’s 2018, haven’t you heard? —bridesmaids look bomb now.

It’s no longer okay to dress your bridesmaids in some hideous concoction that looks like the cat dragged it in, ripped it up, ate it and then spewed it back up again. Today’s brides are less about the froof and more about putting together an ensemble of kick-ass, stunning looking ladies to stand by their side at their nuptials.

Say goodbye to OTT (read: fugly) dresses that hang in your closet year after year collecting dust. I’m sorry Katherine Heigl, but there’s no need for 27 dresses anymore gal. Especially 27 dresses that have only been worn once.

We’ve compiled our top twelve bridesmaid dresses of the season that are sure to turn heads. And the best part? You will ACTUALLY wear them again.

Pinky swear.

Money back guarantee.


bridesmaid’s dresses

Fame and Partners The Julianne Dress $319, Kookai Costanza Dress $220, When Freddie Met Lilly Sara Gown $799

Bright, jewel-toned gowns are a classic favourite for bridesmaids. They complement the white of the wedding gown, make the flowers in the bouquet pop and stand out against the background of the photographs, whether they’re taken in a barn or on the beach. Fame and Partners offers a metric ton of super customisable dress options in bold tones, with stunning silhouettes and statement colours. If your bride is super chill, suggest each bridesmaid ops for a different style of gown made to suit their body type. The When Freddie Met Lilly Sarah gown is also customisable and can be worn seven different ways to switch up the look to suit each bridesmaid and add interest. Keep the colour consistent and you’ll still cultivate that bridal party vibe.


bridesmaid’s dresses

Camilla and Marc Bowery Slip Dress $599, Sheike Satellite Dress $149.95, Shona Joy Luxe Cocktail Frill Dress $295

Nothing screams ‘wear me again’ like a deep-hued slip dress. Whether you keep things simple in the Camilla and Marc Bowery Slip or add a little interest with this Shona Joy number, these dresses aren’t just stunning standing next to a bride, but at any cocktail/black tie event life throws at you. For those planning on a low-key affair, Sheike has heaps of options in earthy colours. It’s extra friendly on the wedding budget too, with most dresses coming in at under $200.


bridesmaid’s dresses

Nicholas Arielle Floral Wrap Maxi Dress $750, Mister Zimi Palma Spanish Dress $180, We Are Kindred Paloma Ruffle Slip Dress $389

Ignore the unspoke rule that bridesmaid dresses have to be plain. These li’l numbers are worth breaking rules for. Patterned dresses add another element of interest to a bridal party, and look beyond stunning with simple, mostly white bouquets. The We Are Kindred and Nicholas frocks will both perfectly compliment a stunning statement bride. Post-wedding, they’ll be perfect to whip out for galas, Christmas parties and momentous dinner dates. If the nuptials are planned for a coastal location, direct your bride straight to Mister Zimi. With a boutique on James Street, there’s a myriad of rainbow options that’ll catch your eye.


bridesmaid’s dresses

Grace & Hart Frilling Around Fitted Midi $280, Thurley Blues Festival Dress $799, Lover Garland Drawstring Midi $260

Oozing romance, lace dresses make stunning options for bridesmaids. When it comes to lace, midi length is the way to go, flattering and feminine, without being overpowering and overshadowing the bride like a floor-length lace gown can tend to. The Garland Drawstring Midi by Lover will pair perfectly alongside a boho wedding gown, and the Thurley Blues Festival Dress will make an eye-boggling statement with an A-line or princess gown on the bride. We would go into detail about all the ways you can wear these ones again, but it’s pretty self-explanatory—the races, 30th birthdays, anniversaries, Monday—nny excuse will do really.

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Article by Jade Horrobin

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