You Need To Jump On Board This New Engagement Ring Trend Right Now!

You Need To Jump On Board This New Engagement Ring Trend Right Now!

Send a ‘subtle’ hint his way!

By Melissa Myrteza | 9th May 2019

Whether you’re a pear, circular or diamond-shaped type of girl, you will find the perfect fit at Argyle Jewellers. It’s officially wedding season and brides everywhere have been jumping onto the unique engagement ring trend. Ditching the traditional option means ditching the diamonds. Say hello to Emeralds! You don’t often come across a green rock glistening on left ring fingers, making it a rarity in the world of engagement rings. Known as the birthstone for May babies, its precious nature makes for a valuable stone. The key is to look for transparency, indicating the most exquisite of stones according to the Emerald experts at Argyle Jewellers. And while you’ve got the stone down pat, it’s time to look at ring shape. The popular Emerald ring cut has been loved by A-listers and celebrities alike, originating from the creation of countless emerald rings, making it the textbook option.


Established in 1987, Argyle Jewellers are a family owned and operated business and are committed to providing clients with only the highest quality stones. You will receive nothing short of exceptional value and outstanding customer service as they bring your vision to life. Whether you’re the type of couple to craft it together or you leave it completely up to him, you won’t be disappointed. Argyle Jewellers can help you create your own emerald masterpiece, with the help of their team with decades of experience in designed handcrafted, custom pieces. They’re all over the insider trends, like how the beloved ‘step cut’ has now become the classic Emerald cut. With the Pantone Colour Institute executive director confirming that “the most abundant hue in nature, green, is detected by the human eye more than any other colour in the spectrum”, it’s safe to say this famous gemstone will make you stand out from the rest. No matter what your vision is, Argyle Jewellers can bring it to life.

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