Shut Up! Alexa Chung is Launching Her Own Fashion Label

Shut Up! Alexa Chung is Launching Her Own Fashion Label

From all things denim to daywear, accessories and shoes. We’re excited to buy ALL THE THINGS.

By Candice Jackson | 12th July 2016

Is everyone as excited as I am about this MAJOR announcement?!

If you’ve ever followed style icon, TV presenter and model Alex Chung on social media, you’ve probably wished you could have her entire wardrobe at some point in your life. You may have even sighed out loud on a regular basis while stalking her feed. (I’m told this is a common issue and there’s nothing to worry about.)

?⬅️?. The cat's out of the bag. ????????? Read all abouuuuut it at @BOF ? @zackerymichael

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on

Chung has collaborated with a range of clothing brands in recent years, such as AG Jeans and Madewell, and consulted with the likes of Superga, Eyeko and M&S. But now she’s poised to launch her very own label, Alexachung, in May 2017.

Image: Alexa Chung on MTV, Giphy

Image: Alexa Chung on MTV, Giphy

When speaking to The Guardian, the kooky 32-year-old said, “With this first collection, I aim not only to delight your eyeballs but to furnish your wardrobe with all of your soon-to-be favourite pieces.”

In an exclusive interview with Business of Fashion, Chung revealed that the creative projects and fashion collaborations have helped give her the confidence to pursue her own label, which will sell denim, daywear, eveningwear, shoes, jewellery and other special products.

I have no doubt the label will do tremendously well with young women, as the Brit it-girl’s 2013 book, It, (now a top 10 bestseller) and the launch of her own style app, Villoid, in 2015 (featured as best new app by Apple) were a resounding success.

“I feel like I need to get [the label] up and running whilst I’m still young enough to have the energy and still be in touch with pop culture enough to make something that is actually relevant to the audience today,” she told Business of Fashion.

Image: Alexa Chung, Giphy

Image: Alexa Chung, Giphy

As a contributing editor to British Vogue for the last seven years, the quirky trendsetter’s popular sartorial style and choices have cemented her place as a muse for many fashion lovers globally. And brands have been cashing in, with British handbag maker Mulberry reporting a 79 per cent increase in sales after creating an Alexa Chung-inspired bag in 2009, and her collaborations with AG Jeans and Madewell selling out in record time after their debuts.

While we all eagerly await the fashion brand’s arrival online and to our wardrobes, Chung told Business of Fashion, “I know how the fashion industry stands today and how it’s changing very rapidly. I want to make sure that we are offering something that is exciting and unique and new, but also the point of this brand is that it connects to everyone.”

Worried the label will well and truly blow your budget? STOP RIGHT THERE! Our good friend Alexa has your bank account covered.

“I’m not making something that has got a crazy high price point. I want to make sure it’s something that is speaking to just everyone on the street.”

While the collection hasn’t been announced, we can make some educated guesses on what it will include:


Thought I'd make my feet look nice for the dentist.

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on



A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on


Denim Cut Offs

TBT @agjeans @angelopennetta ?

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on


High-neck Blouses

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on


Velvet Jackets

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on



A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on


Trench Coats

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on



Do a little dance, make a little love, generally get down tonight.

A photo posted by Alexa (@chungalexa) on


AND Sparkles!

Alexachung is set to debut in May 2017 at Selfridges,,, and and on her own site for the line.


Feature Image: Alexa Chung, Pinterest


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