9 Of The Best Halloween Costumes for Lazy Girls

9 Of The Best Halloween Costumes for Lazy Girls

You probably already have these costume items in your closet.

By Sarah Taviani | 20th October 2015

Halloween is here again and you’re sick of choosing between sexy nurse/schoolgirl/pumpkin costumes but you don’t want to overspend on something awesome. We’ve got nine easy Halloween costumes that will help you stand out from the crowd without breaking the budget. Go laziness and brokedom!


easy witch costume pinterest You don’t have to go all out for a classic Halloween costume. Everyone has a little black dress, right? Pair that with some cute heels and maybe a pair of stripy knee socks and you’ve got a modern take on a classic look. You can always add a pointed hat and/or broom from your closest discount store on your way to your Halloween bash.


Feminist halloween costume

Image: Pinterest

Chances are you’ve made it through the double denim trend with at least one denim shirt. Dig it out of your wardrobe (or grab a regular collared blue shirt), pair it with a red kerchief in your hair, and show off your muscles as Rosie the Riveter. Add a “We Can Do It!” speech bubble sign to really make your costume pop.


Pyjama halloween party

Image: Pinterest

Halloween is definitely not for everyone. If you’re being dragged out to a party by one of your mates and they tell you a costume is absolutely mandatory, then go as yourself: someone who would rather be at home reading a good book. Extra points for finding a quiet corner to actually read said book.


Error computer nerd costume

Image: Pinterest

Heading out last-minute? For a super easy costume, grab a sharpie and a t-shirt (plain white works best for this) and just write “ERROR 404: COSTUME NOT FOUND”. Pretty much everyone who’s used a computer in their life will recognise the reference.


If you’ve seen the ACTIVEWEAR video, above, then you probably already know where I’m going with this. Pop on your ACTIVEWEAR, ACTIVEWEAR and do absolutely nothing else for a cheeky pop culture reference.

6. Go the blast from the past

Halloween costume the Rock

Image: Pinterest

Add a fanny pack to literally any outfit and your 90s tourist outfit is golden. Team it up with a bright polo shirt, maybe some bike shorts and a camera to record your memories. Or you could take it to a whole new level of awesome by recreating this picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Go the extra mile by including the tissue under his elbow.


Water on Mars halloween costume

Image: WikiHow

Everyone has totally spaced out over the evidence of water on Mars. If you’re loving all the memes that have popped up, just grab a circle of orange cardboard, hang it around your neck, and draw a single drop of water on the surface. Voilà! You’re done and you’re the most exciting thing in the entire solar system right now.


Katniss and Hermione halloween costume

Image: Pinterest

A lot of awesome fictional heroines have incredibly simple costumes. Why not cast a spell on someone in a simple Hermione costume? Harry Potter never goes out of style and the brightest witch of her age is a welcome addition to any Halloween party. Or you could volunteer as tribute for the Katniss costume in your group. Jennifer Lawrence has worn many fabulous costumes throughout the film series and Mockingjay Part 2 is nearly upon us. Go back to the beginning with an outfit reminiscent of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.


Disney bound costumes

Image: Pinterest

Most of us wouldn’t say no to being dressed up as a Disney princess for a day. But without all the fuss, right? You’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty but where the heck are you supposed to get a mermaid tail to dress up as Ariel? And buying or creating one of Tiana’s beautiful gowns is going to make you dig a little deeper into your wallet. This struggle is a tale as old as time but there’s a super easy way to get Cinderella to the ball without breaking the budget. It’s called DisneyBound and it’s AWESOME. It’s all about finding something in your own wardrobe or local shopping centre that adheres to a certain character’s theme rather than getting their outfit practically perfect in every way. You can get as fancy or casual as you want in these cute DisneyBounds. And remember, you’re not just limited to Disney princesses. You can also go the distance and do a Hercules DisneyBound, find your groove as Emperor Kuzco, and assemble your best Avengers DisneyBound! You might even get emotional when you see how awesome you look as one of the characters from he emotions from Inside Out.

Costumes Disney Bound

Image: Pinterest


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Article by Sarah Taviani

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