Activewear has become a wardrobe staple for many. Well before Lorna Jane, P.E Nation and The Upside, Running Bare were the frontrunners when it came to activewear.

The husband and wife duo behind Running Bare, Corin and Brian Powell, were the first to establish an Australian-owned and made women’s activewear brand in the Eighties.

Thirty-four years on, the small family operation has grown on the back of the activewear trend, evidenced by burgeoning domestic and international markets for their designs catering for sizes 8-22.

Ahead of the brand revealing their new premium activewear range at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, we had a chat with Corin and Brian’s daughter, kick-ass design director, Yolanda Powell.

Yolly-anda, from my mum. Yola from my dad. Yol or Boss around the office. And my inner circle of BFFs call me Liz or Elizabeth. Don’t ask.

Hit the D-floor when the DJ plays?
Anything old-school: Whitney, Janet, R Kelly.

Your happy place?
A massage table … preferably on a beach in Thailand, though I am not fussy.

What app can you not live without?

When and how do you unwind from work?
I usually have to start cooking dinner as soon as I get home so I turn on Spotify and make a Cosmopolitan.

Who do you love following on Insta? 
@runningbare83 naturally, though I do love @thefatjewish. He is so bad, he’s hilarious.

If you had a private plane waiting, where would you go?
Turks & Caicos Islands – beyond amazing.

Your secret beauty weapon is?
A facial and red-light treatment every three weeks. My godmother is a beautician so I was trained that your skin is your most important accessory very early on.

Your all-time fave read/movie?
I read approximately 2-3 books a week so this is waaaay too hard to answer. Though I do read a lot of romance, especially biker romance … think Sons of Anarchy and you’ll get my drift.

The dish you always order?
Penne a la Pia from one of my favourite restaurants, Café Nino in Woollahra, Sydney. It’s a pasta with lobster and cream and tomato sauce. It’s the owner’s mum’s recipe and is, without fail, the best thing ever.

Coffee order and where to get it?
Strong skim cap, double shot. My BFF’s place, Café Arno in Double Bay, Sydney.

The ultimate date night?
Just my husband and I at one of our many favourite restaurants.

Favourite way to spend a girls’ day out?
A session at the spa. A steam then a long massage then a Jacuzzi. Then a quick blow-dry and out to a very looooong lunch.

What was the last thing you purchased as a treat to yourself?
One of the new oversized Gucci snake clutches.

My party trick is …
I can pretty much mix any martini you can think of and usually always have all the ingredients on hand in our bar. As you get older, you realise how important this life skill is.

When I was little I wanted to be …
The boss. Funny how life happens. Be careful what you wish for!

Best advice you’ve given/received?
“There are two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group. There is less competition there.”

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