13 Fashion Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend

13 Fashion Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend

“Sorry babe, I haven’t seen your five missing button down shirts”

By Amber Lowther | 18th May 2016

Sometimes guys’ clothes just feel and look better. I’m all for shopping in the men’s section in clothing stores and buying men’s grooming products but it’s even better when you can just raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe, right? To help save you dollary-doos, I’ve put together some totally wearable fashion items to steal from your boyfriend.

His Button-Up Shirts

It's probably the most popular item to steal from any guy - the dress shirt. Heck, I tell girls to go down to Lowes and grab a men’s shirt for themselves! They fit better and don’t have that annoying lining as punishment for having boobs. This looks #perf with jeans, trousers, skirts, denim shorts, leather pants - ANYTHING! The oversized shirt works so well and it can be easily unbuttoned and worn with a singlet or t-shirt underneath. Save your money and raid your bf’s drawer because it will deliver!

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His Ties

Righto, this one may seem a bit weird. But I assure you, it can work! I’m not talking about bringing back wearing dress ties with t-shirts when you were going through your ~emo~ phase at 14. I mean wrapping them around you to make you look extra chic. Grab your bf’s skinny tie and use it as a neck tie by tying or pinning it, use it as a belt - high or low - use it as a headband! Get creative and raid his tie collection like there’s no tomorrow!

His Watch

This is a super easy one to get away with! Sometimes your watch with pretty crystal accents doesn’t match your super cool outfit. In that case, it’s totally OK to convince your bf to give you his arm candy. What could just be a way to tell the time for him can be a outfit-transforming piece for you. Let’s be real, men’s watches just look cooler and come in tones that match errythang. Warning: make sure it somewhat fits you otherwise you could potentially ruin that relationship by losing/dropping it. Just lookin’ out for you, girl.

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His Jumpers

This is obvious - guys have nice jumpers and they’re even better when they smell good, amirite? Cool hoodies and pull-overs lead the pack and are the ultimate saviour in winter! It’s cold out? Grab one of his big jumpers - oversized is always in fashion. Do you need to step up your street style game? Steal his Adidas jumper. Just want to curl up into a ball on the couch watching reruns of Friends? You know what to do. Plus, we look super cute in them and that cuteness can help convince them to buy us chocolate. This jumper is a cosy, snuggly weapon.

Fashion Items To Steal From Your Boyfriend: Kourtney Kardashian

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His PJs

Whenever I walk into Peter Alexander, I get a bit jealous of the mens section. Like, I LOVE Batman too, ya know! Those PJ pants give me life and the boxers on offer need to get on me. When you’re totes over getting all sexy in your lace night dress and just want to be comfy and cosy, sometimes getting your boy's PJs can fill that void. An ex-boyfriend of mine once gave me his Spiderman boxers and I was so over the moon about it! Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

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His Blazers

YAAAS, queen! Blazers can add so much to an outfit and can be worn with different garments. They look fabulous over dresses, with a plain tee or (if it's big enough) you can make it a dress! I’ve definitely done this and it works. Kimmy K pulls off this look well and you can always add a pair of cute shorts underneath if you're worried about flashing someone. Pair it with a sexy pair of lace-up heels and you’re good to go, lady!

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His Jackets

Just as good as his blazer but built for giving you that extra warmth and style points, reaching for his denim or leather jacket can do you wonders. Maybe you could convince him to let you have his denim jacket so you can go nuts with iron-on patches. Or just convince him to wear something else when he wants his leather jacket. Let’s be honest, it looks better on you with your new ankle boots.

His Jeans

They’re called boyfriend jeans for a reason! OK, so that’s probably not 100 per cent correct but you can defs have a bit of fun with your bf’s jeans. They have more room, pockets that actually WORK, they’re relaxed and you can cuff them at the bottom to make them look super cool. Just chuck a belt on so they don’t end up around your ankles when walking to the bus because that would be embarrassing. Basically what I’m trying to say here is they’re the comfy alternative to your skinny jeans. Especially the ones you have to unbutton when you’ve just had a massive feed. #firstworldproblems

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His Belts

It sucks when you can’t find a good belt to go with your jeans. Your guy probably has enough belts for every day of the week, so take it upon yourself to get more use out of them and complete your outfit! They’ll also help you hold up your boyfriend’s jeans that you’ve borrowed! Win-win!

His Flannel Shirt

This is perfect for the cooler months, especially if your man has a good quality flannel. These look great with a fab pair of boots and give you those Farmer Wants A Wife vibes. If wearing one is a bit too much for your style game, tie it around your waist - which kinda makes you look like badass hip-hop dancer. Extra points if you can actually dance like Queen Bey because that will probably distract your boyfriend from noticing you took his shirt.

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His Sunglasses

This can easily be passed off as an “I was running out the door and didn’t realise” excuse. Maybe he has a groovy (did I just say that?) pair of Lennons that you want for your festival get-up or maybe his Ray-Ban aviators just look so much cooler than yours do. Besides, he can’t get totally angry when all you’re doing is being sun safe and shielding your eyes from those UV rays! If you wear makeup, just make sure you clean them after because you’re a hygienic and caring girlfriend.

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His Singlets

These are comfy and have heaps of room to move. An oversized singlet can look really cute with a mini skirt and heels for a simple glam look. This is great for the days when you don't want something too fitted and want to go for a more relaxed look. Why wear your singlets when you can just reach for his? There’s also potential to get him to do the washing. “It’s YOUR singlet, babe.”

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His Hats

This works well because they’re unisex and you can go from looking like a rapper to looking like a folk singer just by changing your hat. There might be a bit of an issue if the hats go by size, but you can just use the ones that are adjustable. Remember what I said about protecting yourself from those damn UV rays? It’s a legitimate reason for raiding his wardrobe and hey, it will help to protect you! Plus, hats are totally acceptable to wear inside on the daily - just probably not at fancy places.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any items that might get lost or damaged if you “borrow” from your guy. I will not be accepting calls from angry boyfriends. Interpret this article as you will - hehe!

Happy raiding!


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Article by Amber Lowther

Amber is a former contributor at Style Magazines. She runs her own fashion and beauty blog and has an obsession with Batman. When she’s not stuffing her face with Italian food, she’s adding new shoes to her wardrobe and dreaming of NYC.


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