12 Insta-Worthy Watches

12 Insta-Worthy Watches

Wristwatches are re-emerging as the new arm candy, with these stylish watches being equal parts practical, fashionable and luxurious. #watchthisspace

By Candice Jackson | 23rd July 2015

For those of us who wear watches, you would know how long it takes to settle on the perfect timepiece for your wrist. It’s a big commitment choosing something that you can rely on, will be able to be with you through everyday and night, that’s timeless, AND complements each and every, or at least most, outfit combinations. Wow, that sounds awfully similar to that of finding a partner…

While sporting this practical accessory was once a sign of punctuality, stylish watches have now evolved into a fashion statement; reflecting personalities and current trends, and allowing watch wearers the chance to flash their #armcandy on Instagram, blogs and Pinterest boards, making them the envy of all their followers.

The stylish watch has become the ultimate accessory. Fashionably late is so last year; cast your eyes over these 12 Insta-worthy watches and be fashionably punctual. Tick-tock, tick-tock.


1.    The Horse, original range

This minimalist watch has had maximum exposure on blogs and Insta, and how could you not like this simplistic design? The Horse’s original range of  stylish watches come with leather straps, a polished stainless steel case and a bare face with The Horse logo lettering. Various colours are available.

Price: $139   | www.thehorse.com.au

2.    Kitmen Keung – Long Distance Classic

While the design is very simple, this dual face watch will intrigue many. This watch can keep track of two time zones at once, perfect for those in long distance relationships, travellers abroad - or time travellers. There are three designs in the series, with sterling silver and IP gold rims and the choice of black or white watch faces.

Price: $375 ($US)   | www.kitmenkeung.com

3.    Daniel Wellington – Classic Canterbury 36mm

This watch by Daniel Wellington is both peppy and playful, with a simplistic and elegant face and dials, and a colourful nylon watchstrap. The hardwearing nylon on all Daniel Wellington watches can be interchanged with any of their other NATO straps available on their website, so you can change the appearance and style of your watch for any occasion.

Price: $175 ($US) | www.danielwellington.com


4.    Larsson and Jennings – CM | Silver

This might not be much of a wrist-taker, but this watch is ticking all the right boxes when it comes to a stylish and minimalist street-style look, with a plethora of Pinterest boards and Instagram bloggers sporting this gorgeous metal arm candy. This classic design has a white face with Roman numeral markings, a stainless steel rim and chain metal strap, but can also be purchased in gold or black designs.

Price: $450   | www.larssonandjennings.com

5.    Swatch – Vitamine Boost

A refreshing addition to the Swatch range, the Vitamine Boost is just one of the new ‘foodie-inspired’ watches to become popular with bloggers and ‘grammers alike. The citrus print forms a vibrant watchface, making it as delicious as it is stylish, with a transparent polished strap to draw all the attention to the striking face. This design is also available with a red onion or sardine watchface.

Price: $95 | www.swatch.com/en_au

6.    Analog Watch Co. – The Mason Collection

In our eyes, marble is just as precious a stone as the diamond, and now it’s available to wear on our wrists! As a world’s first Anolog Watch Co. have crafted a watch dial and case milled from solid marble with premium leather straps. The Mason Collection is available in black and white marble and as a circular or hexagon shape and will retail for $399, but you can currently pre-order one of these stylish watches through Kickstarter here for $165.

Price: $399 ($US) | www.analogwatchco.com

7.    Feral Watches – The Jane (in black)

While this ‘The Jane’ watch is also available in other more vibrant colours (yellow, green, navy, red and brown) this is definitely not the plain Jane of the bunch. Feral Watches is a women’s wrap watch company for “the feral at heart” and uses a vintage inspired watch face with double-layered wrap around straps in genuine leather. These watches are perfect for layering with other accessories, due to their bracelet-like appearance.

Price: $88 ($US) | www.feralwatches.com

8.    Mr Jones Watches – Cyclops

More of a relaxed (and somewhat confusing) form of timekeeping, the Cyclops watch has no conventional hands, instead one singular circle moves around the dial to mark the time. This accessory is definitely a conversation starter and for those who like to live by the seat of their pants – or don’t live by the constraints of time. If you really need to know the time, you could always look at your phone, right?

Price: $160 ($US) | www.myjoneswatches.com

9.    Jord Wood Watches – Ely Series (in maple)

The handcrafted all-natural wood design within the Jord ranges really do all the talking, with the understated and effortless design carried through with a minimal and simplistic dial and hands. Throughout the range, the wood colour and grain patterns vary from watch to watch, due to the nature of the wood chosen.

Price: $129 ($US) | www.woodwatches.com


10.     Baby G – BA110-7A1

A quality sports watch, need not only be worn when out for your morning run, PT session or gym class. This luxury sports watch is durable, stylish and functional for all your sporting needs, as well as day-to-day errands. This model features a large watch face with striking gold and rose gold metallic, while incorporating an industrial design with the skeletal cogs shown through the face.

Price: $229 | www.baby-g.shiro.com.au

11.    Poketo, tortoiseshell watch

Tortoiseshell has long been the geek-chic pattern of choice for glasses, so why not incorporate it into your timepiece too? Poketo’s tortoiseshell watch is minimalist and clean in design, with geometrical tracing around the face, no numbers or markings, and the use of two unique, yet delicately bold handles.

Price: $178    | www.poketo.com

12.    May28th – 3:50PM

Quirky, colourful and fun watches can be for adults too - and they make great investments for those outfits that need a pop of colour or a higher energy than what your rose gold linked watch could provide. Most of May28th’s range is under $50, so why not stock up on a few and keep the plastic back-ups for festivals and travelling?

Price: $39   | www.may28th.me



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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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