11 Instagram Secrets Every Girl Should Know

11 Instagram Secrets Every Girl Should Know

How to show the world you’re a fashionista, one instagram post at a time.

By Guest Styler | 14th April 2015

Image: Instagram @Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne

By Olivia Leach

Anyone can create an Instagram account, but not everyone can achieve the stardom that this media platform has to offer! So, you’ve chosen the perfect Instagram name and you’ve mastered the art of appropriate hashtag usage? Now you have to figure out how to showcase your trendsetting nature via a single photograph. Here are our 11 top Instagram secrets to help you master the app.

1. The 'Lap Shot'

Whether you’re holding a cup of coffee or some amazing tickets to front row seats at a fashion show, we still want to see what you are wearing AND what you have in your palm. Instagram was filled with lap shots displaying tickets to fashion week - what have you got to show off?

2. It’s not all about the outfit – where in the world are you?

Great fashion bloggers always show off their outfits by showcasing them in beautiful environments. Whether it’s Barcelona, Brazil, Tokyo, or your own backyard – show us where you’re taking those fabulous clothes!

Instagram: @Garypeppergirl

Instagram: @Garypeppergirl

3. Create some interesting angles

Stop setting your camera up on the same tripod with the same front on angle! Get creative and show us a different side to you…literally!

4. Mirror mirror on the wall

Sometimes you just have to take a classic mirror selfie. When you do, make sure you keep it interesting and keep it clean. Clean lines and clean room!

5. Get creative!

You don’t always have to be sporting the latest trends to be a fashionista. If you’re wearing a dress you’ve owned since you were twelve or you’re rocking some new pyjamas, you should go right ahead and show them off!

6. The lazy girl's selfie

For the Instagramer on the go, sometimes you just have to get a snap of your outfit while you have time. Go for the down the body shot or a crop of just the essentials. You’ll get all the layers in and still show off your fashion style.

Image: Instagram @(notyourstandard)

Image: Instagram @(notyourstandard)

7. The hipster layout

Having a bad hair day? No problem! You can hide from the camera and still show off your style. Lay out your new and favourite items in an interesting way. Make sure you can see each item easily and you’ve laid them against a complementary ‘canvas’. You can experiment with patterned tiles or keep it simple with plane white backdrops.

8. Jewellery shots

If you’re keen to show the world the amazing new earrings you got hold of yesterday, don’t over-do it on the makeup. Let the jewels speak for themselves and keep it simple. The same could be said for any look, really.

9. It’s all in the details.

Sometimes a full body shot is still not enough to show off the intricacies of an outfit. So every now and then you could combine a few images in one post via an app like Diptic. Zoom in on your watch, your shoes and your hair-style - all the little details. You worked hard to put this look together so make sure people notice!

10. Have some fun with your photo shoots.

Fashion isn’t always a serious business. Show your personality through your shots and it’ll bring a new life to the look. Pull a face or do a silly dance, It’s okay to be a bit a bit goofy in your pictures!

11. Get personal

If you’re truly looking to cultivate an Instagram following then don’t be afraid to get personal. Show us your pet, your favourite book, or even a classic food post. The more we know about you, the more we will love what you have to offer as an Instagram fashionista!


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Article by Guest Styler

This story has been written by a Guest Styler for Style Digital.


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