The Ultimate Grey Goose Pop-Up Bar Is Coming: The Fountain Of Goose!

The Ultimate Grey Goose Pop-Up Bar Is Coming: The Fountain Of Goose!

Cooler than the Fountain of Youth, am I right?

By Nellie Baker | 3rd October 2019

Ever dreamt about sipping a refreshing cocktail by a beautiful fountain? Doing so, somewhere along the French Riviera, the golden sun setting on a beautifully warm yet breezy day?

While we can’t promise a ticket to Europe, you needn’t go far for an inner-city escape. Grey Goose has brought our European fantasies into reality with their très chic “Fountain of Goose”. As Australia’s winter slowly fades away, dissolving into a warm, summer’s breeze, Grey Goose turns ordinary, everyday moments into a celebration that’s worth taking a moment to enjoy.

Made without compromise, Grey Goose is made with the highest-quality ingredients. Every aspect of the creation of Grey Goose is focused on crafting vodka of unmatched quality. Ensuring unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste, Grey Goose is the drink of summer and the taste of decadence, now available as a flowing fountain.

Pouring at Pacific Fair from 9-13 October, the fountain will be a little taste of the kind of treat-yourself mindset that Grey Goose offers as the celebratory drink of the summer. Cascading on captivating sculptural white marble, the working fountain is inspired by the brand’s luxury French heritage with its ornate European architecture.


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Stumble upon the Fountain of Goose and make a wish. Complete with its own wishing well, visitors will receive a Grey Goose coin to toss into the fountain – encouraging them to make a wish and ‘Live Victoriously’ with joie de vivre - the joy of living.

Doubling as a bar, the fountain features the limited-edition Grey Goose x Maison Labiche Riviera bottle. Indulge your tastebuds with complimentary Grey Goose vodka and lime and soda mini cocktails. The Fountain of Goose is a wonder-filled European dream, brimming with flavour under umbrellas and surrounding deck chairs.

Sit back, relax and delight in performances and experiences that will materialise like the shimmer of a magical fountain during the pop-up. With the acts changing each day, visitors will never know quite what to expect, earning themselves a tailored and exclusive experience.

And to keep the vibe flowing and good times going, grab your redeemable speciality cocktail token and head on over to Grey Goose partner Nineteen at the Star Casino and Hideaway Bar.

Experience the Fountain of Goose at Pacific Fair’s Resort Area on Hooker Boulevard from:

  • Wednesday 9 October, 1-5pm
  • Thursday 10 October, 4-8pm
  • Friday 11 October, 2-6pm
  • Saturday 12 October, 1-5pm
  • Sunday 13 October, 1-5pm


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Article by Nellie Baker

Nellie is a writing student who spends more time reading than actually studying. When she’s not watching Gilmore Girls, seeing friends or hunting for another knit sweater, she can be found in her local bookstore purchasing yet another paperback for her to-be-read pile. If you somehow miss her, she can be called back with the promise of a frothy hot chocolate. Just make sure you don’t forget the marshmallows.


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