From 8:00am on the 15th of December, your pre-Christmas all-day market shopping is sorted. That last-minute hustle can be done in style, supporting local businesses and artists. Hosted by our favourite suburban shop, The Soul Pantry, their usual range of green growing goodies and interior commodities like candles and baby toys will still be on offer, plus so much more!


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It’s set to be a festive day, the simple option for all your Christmas shopping needs. With handmade clothing, baby clothes, vintage clothing and wares, there will be plenty to choose from and ample browsing will be encouraged. With something for everyone, the kids, the hubby, the teens and the mums will find their day filled with festivity and fun.

The Soul Pantry is known for their workshops, from terrarium making to kokedama, concrete pots, flower arranging and kids garden party creations. These stylish green thumbs know everything about interiors and plants so ask the staff any care questions or placement advice on the day! Special discounts will be around on the day so be sure to make use of them! With gift wrapping available, the Soul Pantry has your Christmas shopping sorted. We’d like to think the ultimate fail-safe present is always a plant, so there is always a backup in case you’re tossing up about that vintage bag.

Where: The Soul Pantry, 31 Wolverhampton St, Stafford QLD 4053
When: 8am – 5pm Saturday, 15 December
Info: For more info, click here.