Queensland Theatre’s Latest Show Knows What Happens When We Die

Queensland Theatre’s Latest Show Knows What Happens When We Die

It’s gravely funny!

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 11th October 2021

A story set in a funeral home seems like it would involve a lot of slashing and allegories to The Scream, but the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award 2020-21 winner takes the tale to a different direction.

Queensland Theatre’s upcoming show, Return to the Dirt, is full of heart, and the occasional coffin. Based on Steve Pirie’s year spent working at a Toowoomba funeral home, he initially penned the play as a response to the classic dinner party questions he received when people found out where he worked, infusing it with honesty, deep humanity, and humour.


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“It’s one of the best new Australian plays I have read in the last five years,” Queensland Theatre Artistic Director Lee Lewis said. “Steve’s clever and compassionate writing features characters that audiences will recognise from any community and opens us up to those tricky but important conversations we all try to avoid.”

“Dying is something everything has to do one day, no one gets to avoid it. Return to the Dirt not only helps demystify the process and the business of dying, but it also makes us think about how we want to live. What really matters to you in the precious time you have?”

Return To The Dirt will be playing at the Bille Brown Theatre from 16 October to 6 November 2021. Grab your tickets here.


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Article by Dinushka Gunasekara

Notorious for turning a random encounter into a three-hour conversation and running across streets to pat a dog, Dinu is a curious girl who loves a good story. Her extensive knowledge of Donald Glover is yet to come to good use and she would do basically anything for a hash brown. Catch her bombarding her friends with articles she thinks they should read or spending way too much time creating the perfect playlist.


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