Opera lovers rejoice! It’s time to dust off those opera glasses because a Mozart masterpiece is about to play at an intimate setting at QPAC. Opera Queensland is delighting fans with a reimagined performance of the sensational opera, Don Giovanni. This production of Don Giovanni will be set in Victorian London when Jack the Ripper would stalk his pray and murder innocent women. This sobering performance, directed by Lindy Hume and conducted by Johannes Fritzsch, is said to mirror the current #metoo movement.

“Don Giovanni ranks alongside Carmen as one of opera’s most iconic, sexually-charged characters, and there’s an expectation from audiences to see this sensuality revealed in all its intensity. But for me, it is also about an addictive, abusive, entitled personality. You cannot stage Don Giovanni today without the context of #metoo. Don Giovanni isn’t your standard womaniser, he is a rapist and a murderer, and at the same time he is charismatic, funny and charming,” says Hume.


British/Australian bass-baritone and rising international star Duncan Rock makes his Australian principal debut in the title role of Don Giovanni and will perform alongside some of Queensland’s finest singing actors. Together, they tell the compelling tale of our iconic antihero’s final days of pleasure as he roars towards his ultimate destruction, wreaking havoc in the lives of everyone he encounters. In Lindy Hume’s bold, visually arresting new staging the aristocratic Don Giovanni is a seductive sociopath, cajoling, funny and charming, yet dangerous and destructive. Giovanni’s descent into hell is one of theatre’s most spectacular scenes, but no work of Mozart’s is one-dimensional, so be prepared to experience a kaleidoscope of emotions across the sweep of one of opera’s most exhilarating scores.

We don’t want to spoil anything, but during the opera’s chilling 7-minute finale 200 Brisbane women are set to take the stage and star as Don Giovanni’s victims. These brave women will be performing naked, semi-naked or in underwear and will be seeking revenge on Giovanni for all the suffering he has caused them. We are sure you won’t want to miss this performance!

What: Don Giovanni by Opera Queensland
Where: QPAC, South Bank
When: 19 October – 3 November
Tickets: Available here.