With summer just around the corner, you’d be lying if you say you haven’t been thinking about hitting the gym to get rid of those extra winter layers.

With so many different varieties of exercise available at the click of a button, it’s hard to decide where you’ll be able to get the best workout.

Fitstop Windsor has arrived on the Brisbane gym scene to make things a little easier for you. On Saturday 4 November, Fitstop will officially launch their new gym and hope to inspire locals by bringing their healthy and balanced community lifestyle to the busy people of North Brisbane.

You’re probably starting to think, with the many work, friends and family commitments in your life, “how the hell am I going to be able to squeeze a workout into my routine?”

Well, Fitstop aims to change that way of thinking as they believe the best way to live a balanced lifestyle is by educating their clients on nutrition and exercise in a friendly, inclusive environment so they can make healthy choices without limiting the social life!

Sounds like our kind of gym!

To kick off the launch of the new gym with the right amount of bang, Fitstop Windsor is hosting an official open day for you to come along and check out the new location at Unit 4, 84 Newmarket Road, Windsor. You’ll even get to experience a free Social Saturday workout to start your weekend off the right way!

All you have to do is register your attendance here and start sorting out your favourite activewear outfit!