A night out can go a lot of different ways – tame, indulgent and everything in between – but how about a night out spent helping those who need it most? Now that’s something we can definitely get behind, and on Saturday September 14, that’s exactly what happened. Plus, it featured an Australian made wellness company, Bella Figura!

Leaving behind their mahogany desks and popping out of the boardroom for the night, Brisbane business people and faithful sponsors came together to help fundraise for The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust Gala Ball “A Night of Illusion”. Having a fancy schmancy name isn’t the coolest thing about these guys – the Trust has also been improving the wellbeing of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of the Brisbane community for over 50 years. The benevolent and generous funds they have raised have gone on to support charities that assist Brisbanites suffering from disability, homelessness, mental health, drug or alcohol addiction, trauma, abuse and neglect. Sounds like a worthy night out to us!


A new member to the philanthropic scene is Australian-made wellness company, Bella Figura. Through the combination of proven medical research, innovative science breakthroughs and technology, they bring world-class products that deliver real results. In the battle against carcinogens, aging, malnutrition and blemished skin, Bella Figura is the one you want in your arsenal.

With products ranging from health maintenance, general wellbeing to beauty repair and body regeneration, Bella Figura has official certification from multiple Australian medical bodies and is made for all ages. Every single Bella Figura treatment is based on research produced by experts from a variety of Aus’ institutions including world-renowned Australian public and private hospitals, universities and medical laboratories so you can be rest assured that only the best of minds are treating you.


When the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust Gala Ball and Bella Figura realised they both shared the same end goal – to recover and progress the lives of Australians – partnering up only made sense. As such, Bella Figura is proud to be a Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust Gala Ball Sponsor.

Learn more about The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust here and find out more about Bella Figura here.