Your Perfect Sunday in May Cure: Parmys and Pints!

Your Perfect Sunday in May Cure: Parmys and Pints!

What came first, the chicken parmy or the Easter egg?

By Eloise Firth | 2nd May 2019

Sundays, the universal day to catch up on some much needed zzz’s and maybe nurse a headache from the night before. Well, what better way to do that than indulge with a parmy and a pint at Brisbane’s Little Big House. Hair of the dog, right?


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The highly anticipated Parmy and Paddle Degustation has arrived and it’s sticking around to comfort you every Sunday in May. So, you can decide what came first - the chicken parmy or the Easter egg.

With four courses on offer, the experts are pairing arguably Australia’s most iconic dish with Pine’s tastiest beers. Talk about iconic duos!

Round up your friends, partner, family and pets (well maybe not your pets) as you’re invited to sit back and relax – or for the more carefree souls, sing and dance to the live music. Though you may have done enough of that the night before, dancing queen! The iconic Queenslander is the perfect location for your Sunday pick-me-up. It’s like you never left your own home but someone's doing all the cooking and cleaning, win!


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So, if you’re ready to get your taste buds tingling and wash down your cheesy classic with an ice-cold beer, here’s what you’re in for. First up, the Classic Chicken Parmy and Pacific Ale followed by the Chicken Parmy Spring Roll and Brookvale Union Ginger Beer. Up next, the Parmy Katsu Sando and Cold Brew Coffee Kolsch. And, last but not least, Chicken Parmy Wings and Pale Ale. Our mouths are watering already.

We get it, Sunday’s are also universally known for resisting the urge to check your bank account damage. But stress no more, because you can enjoy all of this for just $48. Now that really does call for a drink!

Find them at 18 Southpoint, 271 Grey St, South Brisbane. There are no ticket purchases required just turn up anytime after 11am!

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Article by Eloise Firth

Eloise is a journalist, and a self-proclaimed rosé connoisseur who has a serious addiction to chasing a sun kissed glow and bathing in the waters under the Mediterranean sun. When she is not dreaming about her next trip to the salty airs of the Amalfi Coast or the terracotta streets of Marrakech, she is busy scouring for cosy cafes, eating zesty foods and shopping for yet another linen dress. Oh, and she is also always within reach of her camera to snap away while she does it.