So now you have a full-time job (and salary!), you’ve probably got HECS debt, and you’re lusting after owning your own home. Where do you start?

Sometimes we need a helping hand to turn our dreams into plans and our plans into reality. Whether you need the tools to budget for everyday expenses or a plan to budget for something special (First home? Wedding? That European holiday you’ve been dying for?), CommBank Westfield Chermside has the tips to get you there. This workshop is like no other and will help individuals and couples take hold of their finances, equipping them with the tools they need to create a budget that suits their lifestyle – and not the other way around.

From setting goals, creating a savings plan, and creating a budget that does the legwork for you, CommBank can help you create a realistic plan to dream big. No spreadsheets, no complicated formulas, and no cutting back on your daily coffee. We’ll see you there!

RSVP: [email protected] or 3070 1510