The Chaplain Watch invite you to join them for their annual Night4ChaplainWatch fundraising event celebrating 16 years of service.

This year’s event will take place under the lights of the grand awning at the Valley’s Chinatown Mall. There will be Asian street finger food, live entertainment, drinks and plenty of great prizes to be won.

This year’s event will be extra special with the unique opportunity to tour the new premises and recently fitted-out NightSafe facility. On the tour you’ll meet the NightWatch Chaplains and learn about how they care for, respond to and support thousands of people who visit the Brisbane entertainment precincts every night.

Who are the NightWatch Chaplains you ask? Well, their motto says it all really, ‘watching out for you when good times go bad’. They’re usually the first ones on the scene when a night out turns into a nightmare and work to make sure you make it home in the same condition you left.

Attending the event means purchasing a $55 ticket and supporting the Chaplain’s Watch who depend on donations to afford the weekly running costs of this vital community service.

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