There is no denying that the minute January rolls around, everyone is looking to work off the results of endless Christmas grazing and New Year’s Eve celebratory cocktails.

If your New Year’s resolution goes something along the lines of ‘get fit and healthy in 2018’, then you’re in luck! On Friday, January 5, Northsiders will be treated to a brand–spanking new gym that will be enough to inspire you to ditch the Christmas leftovers and start working on that summer bod.

CrossFit Sana will be opening its doors to the public at 20 Serpentine Road in Hendra and will boast some of the best workout gear and equipment from Again Faster Australia.

CrossFit Sana are excited to invite locals to come and see their new facility and try out the new gym with a mini workout. The CrossFit Sana team will be showcasing what they’ve got on offer for those looking to make the most of the new facility and will have loads of sign-up specials for their launch available only on the opening evening.

Bring the whole family along (young and old) as the event is for all ages to get involved. The professionals at CrossFit Sana are qualified to coach many ages from three years and older and love having fun while getting fit.

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, there will even be a BBQ and drinks to mark the launch celebration!