A Luxurious Brisbane Lifestyle Precinct Is Hosting A Free Art Exhibition!

A Luxurious Brisbane Lifestyle Precinct Is Hosting A Free Art Exhibition!

Art is life.

By Aalia Hussein | 24th April 2019

The luxurious and elegant Brisbane Quarter is playing host to an art exhibition comprising of digital and sculptural artworks. And the best part? It’s free! The exhibition is titled “Interior Views” and will be displaying the works of various Queensland-based, emerging artists who have a connection with Queensland.

When you think of the Brisbane River, you probably picture our iconic river with its brown water. But artists David Don and Rachael Archibald seek to change that outlook and will be drawing inspiration from the Brisbane River to create their pieces. They will be using water and reflections to establish a relationship with the audience’s experience at the Brisbane Quarter and the Brisbane River.

The art will also come to life with video artworks from Madeline Holt and Janni Cox, who use the medium’s visual and audio strengths to draw on the aesthetics of the Quarter. Madeline Holt is getting funky and futuristic, using The W as her muse, with geometric patterns and earthy tones of timber to reflect the hotel’s lobby floor. Janni Cox will be using Stop-motion for his display, creating a story using objects in motion.

Using the towering steel buildings and famous bubble-like entryway in the retail precinct as a stimulus, sculptors Caroline Yuen and Jordan Azcune will be showing their minimalist, abstract sculptures that builds a relationship between the exhibition and the precinct’s architecture.

A meet and greet will also be held on Saturday 4 May from 11am – 2pm, where the public has a chance to chat with the artists about their works and influences. But that’s ages away, so let’s get to know them a little bit more.

Rachael Archibald

A digital artist, Rachael is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She lives and works in Brisbane, but most of her work has been displayed overseas and online.


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David Don

We live in a virtual world. Literally. David uses his art to explore how the virtual world has taken over our lives using animation, video installation and painting.


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Madeline Holt

What if your consciousness was a person? Madeline tries to create a tangible version of this by finding a relationship between your existence and your consciousness.


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Janni Cox

With Honours in Fine Art from the Queensland University of Technology, Janni uses skateboarding to make his art! He sees how street skating has a unique way of interacting with the environment.


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Caroline Yuen

As a qualified architect with a BArch from the University of Western Australia, Caroline is an expert in shapes. Her design skills are similar to interior architecture, and she uses several mediums including glass, ceramics, jewellery, footwear, and screen-printing.


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Jordan Azcune

Another Honours in Fine Arts from the Queensland University of Technology, Jordan was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and identifies as queer. He uses his artwork to reconsider history and theology.


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Event details:
WHEN: 15 April - 8 May
WHERE: Podium 1, Brisbane Quarter
TIME: 11am – 2pm

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