Did someone say bingo? Enter Bongo Bingo, it’s like bingo, but also not similar at all.

This unique mash up of games night, clubbing and raves find their rightful place together with Bongo Bingo.

It’s time to clear your schedules and prepare to leave your dignity at the door because Bongo Bingo is unashamed, unapologetic and unforgettable.

Edging its way in from it’s home in the UK, Bongo Bingo became part of the cultural landscape and is determined to do the same in Australia.

Make your Thursday night start right with a beverage in one hand and a bingo card in the other, and try to contain your giggles when you see Bongo in his best attire.

Gone are the days of the elderly around a table with their custom designed bingo pens. Bongo Bingo creates an experience for the young and the young at heart.

Taking place at The Tivoli in the heart of Fortitude Valley, bingo and party lovers will unite for a unique experience that is hard to recreate.

In between numbers being called by the hosts, prepare to dance your heart out to a killer playlist that will have you dancing on the tables.

Just like traditional bingo, there are prizes up for grabs, however these are just as unconventional as the game itself.

This event is perfect for those who love to party as well as your more reserved friends, as it is the ultimate combo of fun and games, where it only gets more exciting as the night progresses.

After it’s inception only two years ago, Bongo Bingo has gained a cult following worldwide, confirming that the hype is real.

Tickets start at $63, so gather your mates and get your hands on some tickets before they’re all gone!

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