Leading the pack as Queensland’s largest clinic, Westside Dermatology offers everything from acne laser treatments to glycolic acid peels, HydraFacials and skin needling. Hiding uneven skin tones and acne scaring under caked on makeup can be a pastime you actually leave in the past.

Whether you’re troubled by pigmentation, pimples or psoriasis, get the treatment your skin deserves by consulting a specialist Dermatologist. Nobody’s skin is the same, and so the solutions to each skin issue are incredibly varied. Taking care of your skin can feel like a never-ending battle, especially when we’re constantly being fed skin treatment fads which lack scientific backing. With so many opinions radiating through the beauty world, it’s advice from those who know best that we should take on board.

Renowned for their knowledge and experience, the specialists at Westside Dermatology have solutions for a plethora of skin conditions. Leading the team are Dr Davin Lim and Dr Manoharan who are committed to finding the right treatment for you. They are experts on healthy complexions and are passionate about helping you achieve incredible skin.

At Westside Dermatology, science and art collide. Cutting-edge laser treatments are utilised to treat scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. This combines with a new frontier in injectables, dermal fillers are applied with an artistic touch to enhance beauty and correct imperfections. Bringing affordable, effective and highly specialised treatments to the greater Brisbane area, Westside Dermatology certainly stand out from their competitors.

Image: Nadya Wasylko for Refinery29