After just one visit to Putia Pure Food, it’s clear that wholesome ingredients and full-flavoured meals are what this place is all about.

Putia Pure Food is the brainchild of one of Queensland’s leading female chefs, Dominque Rizzo and for four years her restaurant has offered Brisbane foodies exceptional food that is full of flair and originality.

The ever-changing menu never disappoints with Dominque adding her own personal touch each breakfast and lunch dish she creates. The current breakfast menu includes new dishes such as, toasted organic buckwheat banana bread, chorizo and polenta waffle, charred corn, broccoli and roasted pepper herb fitters and the Putia loaded toastie, which is a local favourite that needs to be tasted to be believed.

The lunch menu items include mouthwatering dishes like sticky pineapple pork, crispy skinned free-range chicken, seared king prawn salad and GF house-made potato and herb gnocchi.

Asian prawn salad_high res

Seared King Prawn Salad

But, Putia Pure Food is not just about dining. The licensed 80-seater alfresco style dining space is also used as a multi-purpose area for learning and creating. As a cooking school, Putia runs hands-on demonstrations and workshop classes that focus on different cuisines and include a number of specific classes for those looking to learn more about living a gluten-free, vegetarian and healthy lifestyle with each class aiming to inspire guests in the kitchen, garden and beyond.