Little Beirut provides a social and cultural experience as the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner city.

For students, couples or groups, Little Beirut has an array of wining and dining, shisha and function options – all centered around a modern infused, Lebanese inspired theme.  From our signature cocktail and shisha styles to our classic Lebanese dishes, there is an option for everyone to fully immerse, or just dip their toes in the culture of Lebanon.

Be transported from the minute you set foot in Little Beirut. Start by our bar with a Beirut specialty cocktail in one hand and a Lebanese share platter by your side before being seated to our full menu.
Vegetarian, Vegan or meat lover – there are options for all taste pallets and preferences between our mixture of fusion and authentic Lebanese dishes.

Finish off your night with our signature Shisha experience. Select from up to 5 flavours and stay here all night socialising and indulging in an authentic shisha experience, perhaps for the first time.

Whether you’re after some cocktails, a 3 course meal, shisha or the full experience, The Little Beirut Bistro will have your night covered.