James Street Dentists | Fortitude Valley

James Street Dentists | Fortitude Valley

They’re changing the face of dentistry.

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 20th May 2020

With their dedication to replacing the ‘I’ with ‘we’ from illness to wellness, you’ll want to get your teeth into James Street Dentists. They’re not just for your average six month clean; James Street Dentists have a whole body approach to dentistry and will get to the root cause of your problems.

Formerly Aesthetic Excellence, this Fortitude Valley practise expertly executes integrative dentistry, which means they work with other health professionals to achieve overall wellness, not just with your teeth. James Street Dentists’ passion for eliminating problems ranges from sleep, chronic head or neck pain and the way the jaw works with the rest of the body (we don’t usually encourage pointing fingers, but you’ll be sure to be surprised what you can blame on your oral health).

Not only do they provide preventive and restorative dentistry, but they can also help with the management of jaw pain, sleep apnoea, dental implants, Rapid Smile braces, early intervention orthodontics, complex jaw development orthodontics, smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitations. To make it easy for you, here’s a simple rule of thumb: if you have an ache, they’ll give you a break.


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However, James Street Dentists don’t want to wait until you have an issue to come to the rescue. Their team has a strong focus on prevention and are armed to the teeth with education and experience in this area. From the latest technology elevating your routine dental cleans to groundbreaking orofacial myofunctional therapy that fosters proper jaw development and facial growth in children, they’ll be sure to find your sweet tooth.

Within facilities that are second to none, James Street Dentists house only the latest equipment to provide you with the very best in care and comfort. Forget dreading your dentist appointment; you’ll look forward to it when it means lazing in their lounge or relaxing at their bar while indulging in freshly brewed espresso. Plus, there’s no need to trick the kids into the car to get them to the dentist because they’ll love playing on the iMac computers and choosing a movie to watch in one of the treatment rooms.



Article by Dinushka Gunasekara

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