Pop up stores are becoming increasingly common and loved, however after one trip to Black Ox Dining it’s clear to see that they have taken a step up from the common pop up and onto something much more extravagant. The Black Ox Dining elevated pop up was originally designed for the everyday foodie and has turned into an event worthy for the hard to please foodie, all of which walk out completely satisfied with their many courses of dinner.

Pop up dining is known for their short and easy meals. The Black Ox spins that on its head by creating a degustation that is not only delicious but also good for you with seasonal and native produce. Created by Brisbane local Chris Siktars Black Ox Dining consistently aims to create meals that are sustainable using as much local produce as possible.


Siktars has taken the idea of a degustation to the next level. Black Ox Dining has partnered with local wineries, butchers and produce markets and has adopted the paddock-to-plate philosophy and is going so far as to adopt traditional foraging practices for seasonal fruits, vegetables and weeds making the food just about as local as you can get.

More than just delicious food the degustation has an option to accompany each course with an expertly matched glass of vino.

Come to Black Ox Dining with an excited outlook on trying something new and different. The dishes range in flavours from lemony tangs to rich sauces, your taste buds will be singing from the food, then with the accompanying wines that further highlight unusual flavours, it will be a meal to remember.


The menu is consistently changing with Siktars creativity in the kitchen, but if the previous dinners are any reference we know that delicious courses are just around the corner. Head to blackoxdining.com for tickets to the next dinner!

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