Christmas Cocktail Recipes For A Merry Night – Whisky And Rosé Included!

Be rude not to, right?

By Guest Styler | 18th December 2019

If there’s ever a time for a seasonal and themed cocktail, it’s Christmas! Whether it’s to celebrate and be jolly or to ease the stress of the family antics, a cocktail is often a welcomed guest at the merriest of celebrations. Instead of opting for a standard ‘sex on the beach’ (yes, I am still talking about the beverage), or cranberry and vodka, fancy up the festivities with the below recipes!

Two-Fold Whisky And Tonic

This summer’s spin on the classic gin and tonic aptly named, Two-Fold & Tonic. Starward Two-Fold a distinctly approachable, well-rounded whisky is fully matured in Australian red wine barrels. The lighter style whisky has the ability to work with a premium tonic, where other whiskies can’t. Rich yet refreshing, distinctive and delicious, Two-Fold & Tonic is a modern approach to the classic combination of spirit and mixer that can be enjoyed before dinner, for dessert or on a hot summer’s day.

• 30ml Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky
• 100ml Fever-Tree Premium Indian tonic water
• Pink grapefruit slice to garnish (optional)
• Ice (optional, but very recommended)

• Fill a highball with a generous serving of ice
• Add 30mls Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky
• Top with 100mls of cold Fever-Tree Premium Indian tonic water
• Garnish and serve with a slice of pink grapefruit

Strawberry and Coconut with Mateus Rosé

For the rosé lovers, this is for you. Elevate the ordinary and enjoy your usual rosé fix with this refreshing recipe from Mateus using one of the finest in the industry (tried and tested, many times personally). This concoction is ideal for Christmas Day to help cool down and chill out.

• 80ml
• 250ml of coconut water
• 250g of strawberries, sliced
• 3 tablespoons of sugar syrup
• Crushed ice

• Add everything into a blender
• Blend well
• Enjoy!

Kim Crawford Floral Pops

An out-of-the-box cocktail, this tipple comes in the form of an ice block! Using Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, this is a super-simple treat offering a cool-down and a bit of a buzz!

• 1 bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc
• 3 tablespoons of simple syrup
• 25 – 30 edible flowers

• In a pitcher, mix all three ingredients
• Pour into moulds
• Freeze for a minimum of six hours

Endless Summer with Brisbane Gin

It’s all in the name – here’s a taste of an endless summer. Juicy, tropical flavours meet bitter, aromatic flavours of Campari and vermouth, all topped off with a splash of Brisbane’s favourite gin.

• 30ml Brisbane Gin
• 20ml Campari
• 20ml Sweet Vermouth
• 30ml Pineapple Juice

• 1 and 1/2 parts Brisbane Gin
• 3/4 part Blanc Vermouth
• 3/4 part Pineapple Juice
• 1/2 part Jasmine Tea Syrup*
• 7ml Lemon Juice
• 2 dashes of Yuzu Bitters
• Pineapple Fronds
• Cherries
• Sugar
• Jasmine Tea Bag