Brisbane’s biggest and best food challenges

Free food always tastes better, right?

By Guest Styler | 5th June 2015

By Amber Lowther and Candice Jackson

Here at Style we like to write from experience as much as possible, but something tells us we probably couldn’t tackle the biggest Brisbane food challenges and come out on top…

So instead, we spoke to local Brisbane food challenge extraordinaire, Robert Scott of A_Gluttons_Critique on Instagram, who is all too accustomed with food challenges and the loot that comes with successfully completing them.

Robert started The_Gluttons_Critique account 9 months ago after his personal account began to overflow with food pictures. Over this time he has successfully completed many Brisbane food challenges that have resulted in winning t-shirts, vouchers, free meals and spots on venues walls of fame.

While he has eaten his way through 1kg rumps, 5 patty burgers and 20 wings in 15 minutes (see below), the craziest (and still unchallenged) included desserts!

“The craziest challenge was probably the Doughnut Time challenge (14 doughnuts in 20 minutes). So many doughnuts! I guess it was a success, as I didn’t need a big dinner after,” he says.

Robert Scott of A Gluttons Critique

Robert Scott of A Gluttons Critique

However, it’s not all about the food, as Robert admits to making sure to balance his foodie habits with exercise, with his motto being “calories in, calories out.”

“I’ve found interval and heavy weight training is the best for me to burn off those big calories,” Robert says.

So, if you’re thinking of taking on a Brisbane food challenge, here are Robert’s top tips to prep yourself:

1. Know your limits.
2. Exercise before to build up hunger.
3. Limit liquid during.
4. Protein first; carbs second.
5. Remember, it’s just for fun!

With gluttony recognised as the seventh deadly sin, we have 7 Brisbane food challenges to put your stomach to the test:

Ribs n Rumps Meat Your Match Challenge

Meat your match indeed, there is no set time limit, but you will have to consume a rack of ribs, a 1kg rump steak and chips to claim victory. Victory in this case, means an authentic steak knife and a VIP membership card, which gives you 10% off all future purchases, for life!

Outback Jack’s Challenge

Try their challenge of their famous Certified Diamond Cut Prime 1kg aged Rump served with potato wedges and steamed vegetables. You have 30 minutes to complete it. You’ll receive a free gift and your ‘Challenge Meal’ is free!

Miss Kay’s: The Big Kay’s Challenge

Devour 5 beef patties, 5 slices of cheese and salad with fries on the side in 15 minutes and win a $30 return voucher and a spot on the wall of fame.
Robert says this was one of the hardest challenges to get through, but it paid off as he was the first person to make it to the wall of fame!

Chur Burger Challenge

If you’re up for it, take part in the burger challenge at Chur Burger. It’s a competition between Brisbane and Sydney to see how many beef patties can be consumed within 30 minutes. Sydney is currently winning with 15 patties! If you beat it, you’ll get your name on a trophy made by a street artist and a Chur Burger t-shirt.

My Pho Bar Superbowl Challenge

Robert says this one was definitely the hardest challenge to date, having failed to complete it.
The Superbowl Challenge has 800g noodles, 800g meat and 1 litre of soup. If you finish it within an hour you’ll win an iPad mini and a refund of the meal ($45)

South Side Diner Wings Challenge

Held on Wednesday evenings, if you successfully eat 20 wings in 15 minutes, you’ll win it for free and a South Side Diner cap as well as having your photo on the wall of fame!

Bayside Kebab

Chow down on a 50cm kebab at Bayside. If you beat it within the current record of 5 minutes 53 seconds, you win $100. Finish it in 8 minutes and you get the kebab for free!

Robert says the best way to find food challenges are on social media! Let us know of any we’ve missed or follow his Instagram to see what challenge he takes on next.