Go Hair Free With Brisbane’s Best Laser Hair Removal Specialists

Stubble be gone!

By Astrid Taemets | 4th March 2022

Shaving, ain’t it a drag? And while we’re being honest, waxing isn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience, either.

But there’s a way to be hair-free without the hassle, thanks to the ingenious laser hair removal treatment that’s suitable for all skin types and multiple parts of the body.

So, ladies, it’s time to strip, and get started on your journey to smooth, hair-free pins (and the rest!) thanks to Brisbane’s best laser hair removal specialists.

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The Skin Lab

Spring Hill

Fast and effective, laser hair removal is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve a smooth, hair-free appearance. Suitable for all genders and most body areas, you’ll feel welcomed at The Skin Lab when you book this treatment. Known at SHR, Super Hair Removal is the latest innovation in permanent hair reduction used by the team at The Skin Lab, and compared to traditional laser hair removal treatments, SHR is faster, easier, and virtually painless. Treating a broad range of skin and hair types, SHR is the most effective treatment across all areas of the body. So, keen to flaunt velvety-smooth skin? Book a free consultation with The Skin Lab, and together you can create a bespoke treatment plan that suits you.

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Skin Management Club

Eatons Hill

Quick, easy, and painless hair removal at an affordable price? Sign us up! Harnessing the latest technology in hair removal treatments, Skin Management Club offers safe and effective laser services for all skin types. Their unique Diode laser has a revolutionary Melanin-metre, which collects live readings of melanin concentration levels in the skin and recommends an appropriate and safe treatment program, ensuring you get the best results each time. Plus, with integrated cooling for maximum comfort, their treatments are safe, comfortable, and virtually painless.

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Injex Clinics

Aspley, Capalaba

Hassle-free hair removal? It sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll get with the experienced therapists at Injex Clinics. Using the best medical grade lasers, Injex targets the base of the hair follicle for long-term hair removal that even reduces the amount of ingrown hairs. While laser hair removal is already an incredibly cost-effective treatment, Injex up the ante and will price match any laser service (including sales!), plus they offer package discounts so you can enjoy the full course of treatment with ease. With the benefit of skills that have been honed over time and a team who are consistently thorough and personalised in their approach, smooth, hair-free skin is only an appointment away at Injex! 

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Australian Skin Clinics

Multiple Locations

Celebrating over 25 years in skin, Australian Skin Clinics lead the way in the beauty industry across a number of treatments, including laser hair removal. Their qualified laser technicians hold the highest industry training and accreditations, and treat all skin types using fast and efficient globally recognised technology. Believing that everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin, their technicians strive to make every client feel welcome, and at ease, knowing they are in expert hands. Ideal for women and men who want to permanently reduce unwanted hair from the face and body, this treatment is a no-brainer, and the team at Australian Skin Clinics will guide you through your hair removal journey right from the get go.

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Simply Laser

Brisbane City

Struggling to find a laser specialist that can treat darker skin tones? Have no fear, Simply Laser is here! This team know just how to solve all your unwanted hair problems. Safe, quick and cost-effective, this treatment sees permanently reduced hair growth after six to 10 sessions. With remarkable advances in laser technology, Simply Laser use award wining Cynosure Lasers, Alex & Nd Yag. One works brilliantly on lighter skin tones, while the other performs beautifully on darker skin tones. Just remember – no matter what skin tone you are, the rule of staying out of the sun for two weeks before each treatment still applies!

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