Brisbane’s Best Burgers

If you haven't noticed, Brisbane is in the midst of a burger epidemic. What to do? Fuel it! We've risked life, limb and waistline in order to present you with our guide to Brisbane's Best Burgers.

By Lucy Stephens | 8th September 2014

Brisbane seems to be having a hot ‘n heavy romantic tryst with burgers at the moment. Quicker than one can ask, ‘would you like sweet potato fries with that?’, a new burger joint has opened its doors, attracting legions of hungry Brisbane-ites on the never-ending quest to find the very best version of meat (or veg) in a bun.

At the risk of blowing out Brisbane’s love affair with burgers to orgy status, here’s our guide to Brisbane’s best burgers – at least until the next one opens and revisions are required…

Miel Container

The burgers at Miel Container stand out just as much as the red shipping container that houses them. Once you get to the front of the lengthy queue, you can choose from the menu or build your own tower, with copious fillings (heaps of vegies) and exotic Asian-fusion flavours available including Miso smoked pork belly. Burgers are reasonably priced – as are add ons.

Cnr of Mary St and 96 Albert St, City
P 0423 466 503

Howzat Burger

With a menu featuring fresh locally sourced ingredients, carefully created by real chefs and headed by Ecc’o Bistro’s Philip Johnson, Howzat was one of the first ‘new’ burger eateries to make its mark on the city. Home to the Caramello Koala burger (coke battered Caramello Koala, toasted marshmallow and salted raspberry caramel sauce) and plenty of other cricket inspired burgers, the idea behind it is gourmet burgers on the run that satisfy. Howzat!

510 Adelaide St, City
& Eat Street Markets


Cheesy and crinkle cut chips at Greaser

Cheesy and crinkle cut chips at Greaser

Described by a fellow Style journo as ‘tasting like America’, Greaser has nailed the art of the traditional cheesy. Small but satisfying, it’s oh-so cheesy with grilled Angus beef and the right amount of ketchup (not tomato sauce) and served with crinkle cut chips. We dare you to stop at just one!

Shop 259A, Brunswick Street, The Valley

Beastie Burgers

Beastie Burgers features a delicious and ample menu, showcasing a wide range of burger fillings, including fan favourite ‘American in Noosa’ Burger with flame-grilled beef, bacon, avocado, Kenilworth cheddar, lettuce, tomato relish and aioli. If you’re after something a little more specific, Beastie offers plenty of gluten free and vegan-friendly options as well.

Shop 60D, Little Stanley St, South Bank
P 3844 4070

DA’ Burger

Overcoming hardship in his early life, owner James D’Ath is now an entrepreneurial, burger-flipping local champion, employing and mentoring disadvantaged and troubled youth and utilising an impressive line up of neighbouring suppliers, including the butcher, baker and relish makers. And if that doesn’t keep you coming back, the burgers will. The Nelson Nasty with grilled spice rubbed chicken, streaky bacon, jalapenos and a house made chilli jam is the choice of many New Farmarians.

876 Brunswick St, New Farm

Ben’s Burgers

Chilli fries and beef burger

Yep. This is a burger at Ben’s Burgers. And chilli fries (left).

It’s back to basics at Ben’s Burgers with just three types of burgers on the menu (and the odd special) as well as fries and chilli fries. Incorporating the Japanese philosophy of Kima Meru – practising a specific skill set in order to master it or reach one’s limit – the brother duo of Ben and Nick Chiu won’t make alterations because they’ve got the burger down to a fine art and believe removing or swapping any ingredient would detract from its greatness. And they’d be right.

5 Winn St, The Valley

Chur Burger

Newest kid on the block, Chur Burger is the brainchild of fine-dining turned casual eatery connoisseur, Warren Turnbull, landing underneath the very soon to be opened Tryp Hotel. Earning two hats at his famed Sydney restaurant Assiette, Warren created Chur after trying to capture the casual lunch crowd in the laneway outside the restaurant with a burger cart. After an overwhelming response (and Assiette burning down) Chur became a permanent institution, and is now considered as one of the very best burger joints in the country. Wear your stretchy pants though; the infamous pulled pork burger with homemade bbq sauce, red slaw and fennel mayo, and the salted caramel milkshakes have pulling power on par with rock stars.

20 Constance St, The Valley

Gerard’s Bar

While not specifically a ‘burger joint’ Gerard’s burgers have achieved an almost legendary status with those in the know. With potato buttermilk buns baked on premises, a delectable housemade relish and the best burger cheese imported from the US, these fancy pants versions of the humble cheeseburger are flame grilled to perfection made from the finest Wagyu mince and bacon. Life-changing stuff.

14/15 James St, The Valley
P 3252 2606

This is a living guide to Brisbane’s best burgers – if we’ve missed one that’s worthy of inclusion, let us know so we can try it out!