Flaunt A Fab Face With Brisbane’s Best Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Glow on in 2022

By Astrid Taemets | 4th March 2022

Reversing the signs of ageing: it’s a modern-day magic trick, no? We think so!

No matter how well you look after your skin or how in-depth your daily routine is, chances are you’re becoming more aware of fine lines and ageing as you get older. 

While there’s nothing wrong with growing older gracefully, advances in anti-wrinkle treatments mean those who want to rejuvenate or preserve smooth-looking skin have more options today than ever.

When it comes to pesky wrinkles or frown lines, anyone looking for instant results is in luck! From treatments to injectables, we’ve got the 411 on Brisbane’s best anti-wrinkle treatments and clinics – many tried and tested by our own beauty writers.

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Sage and Stone Studio

East Brisbane

Wave those lines goodbye, with the help of the devoted team at this beauty hub that’s all about self-care. Sage and Stone Studio takes a holistic and natural approach to skin aesthetics, specialising in subtle changes that enhance your features while still looking au naturale. Their muscle relaxants are a popular and effective treatment to smooth out your wrinkle woes, giving you a refreshed result you’ll love. Starting with a comprehensive skin and health assessment to understand your concerns and goals, the team will create a personalised treatment plan that works for you and with you. A sought-after appointment here also serves as a much-needed opportunity for ‘me time’, with peace, privacy, and relaxation aplenty.

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Inigo Cosmetic

Fortitude Valley

Lines and wrinkles may be an inevitable part of the ageing process, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them affect your confidence! As the home of luxury aesthetic care, Inigo Cosmetic holds the treatments and the experts to turn back the hands of time, not only reducing facial lines and wrinkles, but also preventing the early signs of ageing. Priding themselves on providing bespoke treatments, tailored to each client’s desired goals and facial aesthetic, the highly experienced nurses and doctor injectors at Inigo can address a number of concerns, including crow’s feet, frown lines, chin dimples, and forehead lines, as well as offering brow lifting, face slimming, and neck lifts. Plus, every injectable appointment in this beautiful, relaxing environment receives a complementary Healite LED light treatment, resulting in complete facial rejuvenation that will have you feeling youthful on the inside and out.

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Pêche Medispa


Located in the leafy suburb of Teneriffe, this stunning gram-worthy medispa, founded by Miranda Kayton, is where clients come to transform. From their Ultimate Hollywood Facial treatment to skin needling, and HIFU face lifting and tightening, the team at Pêche have the skills and technology to uplift and improve the overall appearance of your skin. With a strong focus on promoting well-being, their list of top-tier, non-surgical aesthetic and therapeutic treatments will ensure you look and feel your best. Start your 2022 skin journey with Pêche, where a free consultation to discuss your goals is just the start of a budding relationship with yourself. You’ll adore their aesthetic space, warm and welcoming environment, and trust-worthy team. 

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B Clinic

Multiple Locations

Led by an experienced and highly skilled team of cosmetic doctors, there is no one better at delivering beautiful, aesthetically pleasing results. Starting with a complimentary consultation, your B Clinic injector will take the time to listen to your concerns and assess your natural features, whilst observing your facial expressions.  Whether you prefer a natural anti-wrinkle result or little to no muscle movement, your experienced B Clinic doctor or nurse will customise a treatment that meets your aesthetic goals and maintains your unique appearance. From preventing and smoothing fine lines to rejuvenating your appearance, complementary treatment reviews and muscle relaxant top-ups are offered to ensure your optimal and desired results are achieved. Their anti-wrinkle treatments can also be used to achieve an array of aesthetic goals, including slimming the face, smoothing the neck, treating gummy smiles, minimising excessive sweating, and even flipping the top lip, lifting the brow and nose tip, or preventing chin dimpling.

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Indigo Aesthetics Cosmetic Injectables


Banish signs of ageing and restore a youthful glow with the help of Indigo Aesthetics and their skilled technicians. Nestled in Brisbane’s northside, this anti-ageing and rejuvenation clinic has a luxurious boutique feel, and is focused on achieving natural results with consultative care. Founded on a holistic philosophy, their experienced nurses understand that no two clients are the same, and take pride in tailoring their services to your unique goals and vision. From pesky fine lines to stubborn wrinkles, their services aim to banish signs of ageing and reveal youthful-looking skin for the ultimate confidence boost.

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Hawthorne Beauty Room


A soft, supple, smooth complexion sounds like a pipe dream, but at Hawthorne Beauty Room, it’s a reality. With two anti-wrinkle treatments available, one that offers a fast solution, and a second that sees long-term results, you have the ability to choose your destiny. Recently launching a signature treatment that’s progressive, and focuses on your skin’s health and integrity over time, the team here can masterfully transform your skin for the better. Including skin needling, LED, and a DMK Enzyme therapy, there’s minimal downtime (bonus!). However, for those looking for a quicker fix, a DMK Deep Peel is the answer. In ten days, clients have been known to achieve 60-90% of their desired skin goals, plus your skin will continue to glow and rebuild in the following months. Book in for a consultation to discuss the best option for you! 

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Australian Skin Clinics

Multiple Clinics

In 2022, prioritise yourself, and start loving the face you see in the mirror. At Australian Skin Clinics, they know it’s not about changing the way you look, but enhancing your features. When it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, their team of doctors and registered nurses can create a natural-looking result, nixing fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a softer and brighter appearance. Offering complementary in-depth consultations, this team is dedicated in ensuring you’re comfortable with the process, understand what it entails, and will customise a treatment plan that offers natural, gorgeous looking anti-ageing results. 

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The Skin Lab

Brisbane City

2022 is all about flaunting a fresh, revitalised face, so join the club with the help of The Skin Lab, who know how to transform your features in a natural looking way. With a strong focus on stimulating collagen and treating and smoothing out frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines, you’ll love the subtle yet oh-so-effective results of their anti-wrinkle treatments. Using cosmetic injectables, skin needling, facials, LED, and IPL in their bespoke treatment plans, your results will speak in volume in all the right ways. Big on enhancing your unique features, you’ll still look like yourself, just fresher! Nervous? Don’t be! Experts in advanced facial aesthetics, this doctor-led team conducts thorough consultations to ensure your treatment goals and expectations are met with the correct procedures and treatment plan designed just for you.

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The AC Aesthetic Collective


The simple, yet powerful belief that everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in their own skin is the driving force behind The Aesthetic Collective. Run by a team of women who are passionate about helping you look and feel your best, this boutique clinic is making cosmetic treatments a comfortable experience within a bespoke and caring environment. Committed to providing a quality service you can wholeheartedly trust, the team are renowned for their upper and lower face anti-wrinkle treatments, and jawline slimming injections. Here you’ll experience the latest aesthetic technology and techniques, completely tailored to your individual goals. But what really makes The AC Aesthetic Collective stand out is how they help their patients feel empowered by cosmetic injectables, rather than afraid.

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Artisans Aesthetic Clinics

Multiple Locations

An artisan who can make your skin look like porcelain (don’t come for our rhyming)? Say no more! Artisan Aesthetic Clinics’ highly qualified team of cosmetic nurses, and doctors are absolute masters of their craft, and oh honey, does it show! Step inside this elegant, light-filled clinic and witness their state-of-the-art treatments in action. From their highly popular anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler, to their light therapies and body treatments, each methodical treatment helps reduce signs of ageing, while also providing tightening and plumping benefits to the skin. Artisan prides themselves on not being a ‘one size fits all’ clinic. Understanding that everyone’s skin and goals are different, their dedicated team of clinicians work with you to understand your goals before developing a personalised treatment plan to help you master the artistry… of you!

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SC Injectables

Kangaroo Point

For the owner of SCinjectables, Su-en Chow, anti-wrinkle treatments are so much more than a transaction. Focusing on your happiness as the main priority,  Su-en offers complimentary one-on-one consultations, where she will listen to your wants and wishes to ensure you receive a personalised treatment plan with optimal outcomes. Though her most popular anti-wrinkle treatments are for frown lines, crow’s feet, and the forehead area, her services can also be used to treat migraines and headaches, teeth grinding and tension in the jaw area, and excessive sweating in places like the underarms. While anti-wrinkle treatments are effective and produce a beautiful and natural result, it’s Su-en’s belief that honesty is the best policy, and cosmetic injectors should set realistic expectations for their clients. These treatments, though impressive, are not permanent, and in order to maintain great results, continual treatment is required.

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Define Brisbane


Good injectables is a balancing act – too little and it wears off quick, too much and you lose expression. Offering gentle and affordable procedures that deliver long-lasting and effortlessly natural results, their team of qualified experts understand that no two clients are the same, and offer personalised treatment plans to suit your individual needs. Their anti-wrinkle treatments help reverse signs of ageing and uncover a youthful glow by reducing fine lines, firming skin, reducing oil and sebum production, and enhancing the overall appearance of your complexion. Plus, their budget-friendly anti-wrinkle membership plans offer a hassle-free and ultra-affordable way to ensure you get the best results (like a gym membership, but much more fun!).

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Skin Management Club

Eatons Hill

Wrinkles, be gone! With a wide range of cosmetic treatments available and years of experience, it’s no secret that the team at Skin Management Club know a thing or two about anti-ageing services. Their bright and bubbly staff pride themselves on building real connections with their clients, going above and beyond to incorporate their needs, concerns and long-term goals into each treatment. Understanding that cosmetic procedures can be daunting, their warm and compassionate approach will ensure your experience will be smooth, seamless, and satisfying. Whether you’re after a tiny tweak or something a little more substantial, this customer-focused clinic has you covered.

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Verve Lounge


It was only a matter of time for founder of The Verve Lounge, Feriel Ali, to create a space to share her knowledge of skin care and beauty, after she noticed trends in the industry leaned towards addressing the anti-ageing problem and moved in the direction of preventing premature ageing through a non-invasive way to optimise skin health. With over a decade of experience working with clients to address their individual skin concerns, Feriel and her skin health team at The Verve Lounge demonstrate unparalleled skills and experience with their proven clinical treatments, such as HIFU, radio frequency skin tightening, skin regeneration, pigmentation removal, and so much more. Did we mention their location will make you feel like absolute royalty from the moment you walk in? With exclusive lift access, their beauty lounge boasts elegance and empowerment – it represents everything beauty has to offer from the inside out.

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Ascension Cosmetic Medicine

New Farm

From the moment you set foot in their chic Newstead clinic, experienced cosmetic physician Dr Scott Allison and the expertly skilled Ascension team will make you feel right at home. Committed to providing modern aesthetic treatments tailored to your needs, they ensure they let the real you shine through, and their anti-wrinkle treatments are no exception. During consultations, the team work closely with each and every client to ensure they understand their aesthetic and functional preferences. Prioritising a subtle, flawless result, they practice the delicate art of prescribing the right dosage to the treatment area, taking into account each client’s individual facial structure, to ensure movement remains natural. Their wide range of anti-wrinkle injections are designed to relax areas of the face, smooth out fine lines, and prevent new wrinkles from forming over time, and include areas such as the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines. They also offer a modern and highly sought-after lip flip procedure for a fuller upper lip, as well as injections to minimise chin dimpling and creasing.

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Injex Clinics

Aspley, Capalaba

Give your skin the refresh it needs, and be rewarded with results! A quick visit to Injex Clinics is all it takes to see a big difference in your appearance. The highly trained and qualified team have a passion for the industry, and place a strong emphasis on their customer focus, meaning you’ll feel relaxed, knowing you’re in capable and caring hands. From frown lines, forehead, crow’s feet and more, these technicians are skilled in delivering natural – but effective – looking results at seriously competitive prices. Their reputation for stellar results and customer service are some of the best in the business. Book an appointment and experience it for yourself!

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KMK Aesthetics

Fortitude Valley

With over ten years experience, KMK Aesthetics, led by Dr Karina Patel, is an absolute go-to for those wanting a tailor-made treatment plan and comfortable experience. With a passion for helping you achieve natural-looking results that leave you feeling oh-so-confident, Dr Karina’s knowledge and calming nature will ensure even the most nervous clients will feel relaxed and safe in her capable (and talented) hands. As well as offering injectables to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, KMK Aesthetics also has a wide range of anti-ageing treatments that will leave your skin feeling youthful and fresh. Think: mesotherapy (that can be done with or without microtoxin), medical grade chemical peels, needling, and bespoke glow facials customised for your individual needs. Consider KMK Aesthetics your one-stop shop for gorgeous, glowing skin. Book yourself a 30 minute full face analysis and say hello to the new you.

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Derm Haus


Like everything, our skin is susceptible to the effects of time, but this home of youthful and radiant skin will help you take that journey gracefully and in your own way! Derm Haus provides a range of non-invasive treatments and preventative measures to help smooth fine lines, tighten the skin, and restore your skin’s youthfulness. From anti-wrinkle injections to PDO threads, PRP therapy, enzyme therapy, and skin needling, the highly skilled cosmetic nurses and dermal therapists will assess your individual needs and design a personalised treatment plan just for you. With the power to rejuvenate your appearance and prevent future wrinkle formation, all while giving you a natural-looking result, book now and experience the difference for yourself.

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Liquid Gold Aesthetics


It’s all smooth sailing at Liquid Gold Aesthetics – the close-knit boutique-style clinic dedicated to giving you results you’ll adore. Founded by registered nurse of over seven years, Samantha Millar, she has crafted a team of passionate talents who know how to deliver what you want. Offering an array of unique treatments, the in-depth consultation will ensure your injector creates a total face treatment plan that suits you (which includes touch ups for perfect symmetry), before smoothing fine lines and relaxing muscle movement. Liquid Gold Aesthetics also offers PDO threads, which work alongside your anti-wrinkle treatment or as a standalone to tighten, lift, and contour your face. With your comfort as their number one priority, the team here will have you feeling right at home! 

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Cosmetic Injectables Australia

East Brisbane

Founded by twins and registered nurses Jessica and Samantha Hair, Cosmetic Injectables Australia are committed to tapping into the longevity of beauty. With a beautiful boutique clinic located in East Brisbane, this tight knit team of women live by the ethos that prevention is key to ageing gracefully. Offering natural full-face rejuvenation, their anti-wrinkle treatments range from PDO threads, skin needling, anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, with the team of dedicated nurses providing customised treatment plans so you’re sure to achieve your dream results. Taking an innovative approach to their work, the team have also honed their skills both nationally and internationally, collecting the best techniques from around the globe to ensure aesthetically pleasing outcomes. Youthful skin awaits!

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