Tickle Your Tastebuds With Brisbane’s Best Degustation Venues

Good things come in small packages

By Bianca Licina | 10th June 2022

If you’re a foodie, you’ll understand the status that comes with being a degustation fan. Approaching food with the tenacity of a scientist with each tiny dish serving as a test tube, we don’t make the rules – your taste buds are just superior. 

But if you can’t possibly understand why someone would serve so little of such delicious food, you haven’t tried Brisbane’s best degustation venues. From Japanese flavours to modern Australian twists and traditional Scandinavian techniques, expect the unexpected.

The perfect date night for the sophisticated couple or the best way to test a potential significant other’s palate, pack your bags because these degustation venues will take you on a culinary adventure.

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Rogue Bistro


The dark and brooding atmosphere at Rogue Bistro livens your senses to the culinary experience here. Their six-meal degustation menu rotates monthly and features the freshest local and seasonal produce. The curated menu epitomises perfect simplicity, providing high quality food for all diners. The menu also caters to all dietary requirements, to ensure all foodies can get a taste of Rogue’s bites. 

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Deer Duck Bistro


Nestled in the heart of Auchenflower lies Deer Duck Bistro – a French Renaissance-inspired venue where you will discover a fine dining experience of culinary delights. Featuring five modern Australian and European degustation menus, there is something for every foodie (yes, including you veggies). A quirky and artistic vibe, Deer Duck Bistro promises a renaissance of sound, sight, and taste!

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South Bank

One of Brisbane’s most-loved dining venues has recently waltzed back onto the culinary scene, filling a much-needed void. Just as we remember, Bacchus boasts opulence and timelessness with its divine menu and venue. Fancy a dinner of impressive degustation dining? Bacchus provides just that. A thoughtfully considered 11-course degustation menu, Bacchus will impress with its high-quality ingredients leaving you bursting at the seams after embarking on a journey of flavour and delight.

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Bowen Hills

Craving a trip to France? Scratch that itch at Montrachet, Brisbane’s most acclaimed French restaurant. Offering a seasonal French menu, Montrachet offers both traditional French dishes as well as a more contemporary spin. Think foie gras, lobster tartare, and Beluga caviar, paired perfectly with your favourite French wine. Montrachet’s tasting menu features a six-course meal, where you’ll enjoy flavourful yet delicate French cuisine from start to finish.

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New Farm

Elska – a Nordic-style degustation restaurant nestled in New Farm – surely pricks up some ears. Using Nordic cooking methodology, Elska seats 12 guests in an intimate dining experience, offering an incredible meal of modern Australian and Nordic inspired bites. The menu is hyper-seasonal which means you’re in for a surprise for something elegant and flavoursome. Enjoy nibbling in the cosy space of wood, white, and stylish simplicity, inspired by the Danish-Norwegian term of hygge meaning comfort and cosiness. Getting comfy and eating? It doesn’t get much better.

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South Bank

Feeling fancy? Takashiya’s omakase VIP room will definitely make you feel like a very important person. An intimate 12-person Japanese dining experience, Takashiya offers the best-of-the-best Japanese degustation with fish and wagyu coming all the way from the motherland. Omakase is a Japanese phrase referring to the trust between the chef and the customers – rest assured  you can trust revered chef Takashi Nami to treat you to a culinary adventure.

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Culture Dining


Like getting up close and personal? That’s the way at Culture Dining. A 14-seat omakase-style restaurant, Culture Dining’s menu features international cuisines to tickle your tastebuds. Watch in awe as the talented chefs prepare your dishes right before you, and enjoy the real life magic they perform. Grab a pen and paper and prepare to learn about the origins of the produce, as well as how it has been prepared for you by your chefs. The menu varies depending on the available produce so expect to be surprised on your next visit.

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Joy Restaurant

Fortitude Valley

Founded by chefs Tim and Sarah Scott back in 2019, Joy epitomises the degustation menu, proving that great things really do come in small packages. The compact 10-seat restaurant holds a six-star culinary experience in its intimate omakase-style offering. Whereas other degustations are served under dim lighting with a moody ambience it’s all in the name here at Joy – expect an outstanding experience that’s more quirky than imposing.

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C’est Bon


Say bonjour to the chef’s tasting menu at this heritage French institution and you’re in for an experience bursting with passion, dedication, and discovery. Whether you opt for the five-course or eight-course spread, each dish is imbued with a sense of sincerity sparked by a modern flair. Of course, as the French even have wine for breakfast, the menu offers the perfect pairings to complement each flavour and take it to the next level.

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Cuisine On Cue


Looking for a private dining experience with a difference?  Make your next dinner party, one to remember  with an exquisite degustation thanks to the brilliant chefs at Cuisine On Cue. Bringing mouth-watering creativity to your private event, you’ll be treated to course after course of high culinary art that scintillates the senses. Each dish has been carefully selected and prepared to create a bespoke and memorable catering experience. You won’t have to lift a finger, with dedicated service staff on hand to ensure your event is hassle-free. You’ll feel like a VIP in your own home!

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