15 Strappy Heels We’re Vibing Right Now

The heel that’s hitting new heights!

By Bethan Warrior | 18th February 2021

These days, it seems you can’t peruse your fave fash Insta page without coming across some slinky, strappy heels. But we’re not mad about it! The revival of the strappy, sandal heel is a 90s reboot we can get behind, and ICYMI it’s predicted to be the top trending heel of 2021.

This sell out accessory is the definition of fierce, femme style with up-the-leg laces and criss-cross details. Everyone from high street heroes (Leonie Hanne, we’re lookin’ at you!) to boujee brands are coming out with a sexy, strappy style.

If you’re keen to update your shoedrobe (and really, who isn’t?) you can check out the kicks we’re adding to cart, below!