Weird beauty problems in your 30s AND how to fix them

Weird beauty problems in your 30s AND how to fix them

When did THAT hair get there?

By Candice Jackson | 4th November 2015

Oh, how time flies. Where you once thought 30 was “like, sooo old”, you’ve now entered in to your 30s and are quickly claiming they’re “totally the new 20s”.

Did you wake up one day and think “where has my youth gone?” – Freaky Friday, 2003


The scary reality is that every person who ever said your fast metabolism, fresh-faced look or hangover-free mornings would be short-lived was right. Damn it. And you never thought to take them seriously, until those teeny tiny fine lines started popping up around your eyes, or you saw the first little flicker of a spider vein, or thought "dear god, has that dark hair ALWAYS been on my top lip?"

While your 30s pave the way for taking control of your life, by focusing on your career moves, managing your money better, making smarter investments and committing to serious relationships, there are still some things in life that throw a real spanner in the works … such as unanticipated changes to your body. Weren't these body surprises supposed to be over after puberty?!

While the fear of greying hair is at least another decade away (fingers crossed), here are just five beauty problems (with some solutions) that are definitely a reality for most thirtysomethings:

Problem: Lady ’stasche

Solution:  Everyone has to deal with unwanted hair, but THIS is one area we never imagined becoming a plucking pain. Random hairs start appearing on your chin and upper lip, because your estrogren levels drop and all of a sudden you have a delicate lady beard. Invest in a good set of tweezers and a magnifying mirror if it’s minor, or laser treatments or estrogren medication if it’s out of control.

Problem: Permanent Panda Eyes

Solution: Sick of always being asked if you’re tired when you probably got more sleep than anyone? The skin under your eyes get thinner in your 30s, so it’s time to buy a night eye cream to avoid the skin getting worse or conceal those dark circle blemishes during the day to avoid the pesky questions or insecurities rearing their ugly heads.

Problem: Painful Pins

Solution: It’s a myth that only the retirees and bingo-playing seniors of the world have varicose or spider veins. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people in their early 30s to notice a few red or blue lines appearing on the legs. Some varicose veins will cause symptoms such as an ache or itching but for others it is just the unsightly look that will be the problem. Dr Kemp from The Leg Vein Doctor says varicose veins are most easily treated before they become severe and can be targeted in a walk-in, walk-out session with minimal impact on your work and social life. So if you are concerned that those veins might be an issue, get them checked out sooner rather than later!

Problem: Acne… Again

Solution: Did you think you were done with acne when your teenage years passed? Think again. Your body goes through a whole new range of hormonal changes in your 30s that allows for it to make an unwelcome comeback. Make sure to use protect your skin by cleansing and exfoliating regularly.

Problem: The Dreaded C Word

Solution: Get your mind out of the gutter, we meant cellulite! The solution to cottage cheese showing up on your butt is to get moving and get drinking! Thirty minutes of exercise a day will do wonders, even if it’s just a brisk walk, and keeping your water intake up with eight glasses a day will help keep your body hydrated. If the cellulite still isn’t shifting, laser therapy or some creams and ointments claim to have you crease-free in no time.

The Leg Vein Doctor
465 Milton Road, Auchenflower | P (07) 3720 9912


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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