I Got My Hair Styled Like A Celeb For A Week & Now I'm Addicted

I Got My Hair Styled Like A Celeb For A Week & Now I'm Addicted

I could get used to this.

By Siobhan Taylor | 19th April 2018

There are often moments in my job where I am struck with gratefulness at how exciting and fun it can be. Sure, the hours are long and the deadlines can be anxiety-inducing, but when you’re in the middle of a head massage as “research” for an article, it’s pretty natural to feel like you might have the best job in the world.

When I was approached by my editor to write this article, I was pretty damn excited. Unlimited blow-dries and hairstyling?! It’s basically every beauty-fiend’s wildest dream and I was going to live it for an entire week!

The salon that would become my home for the next 7 days was Vlushe Cosmetics & Blowdry Lounge, a recent addition to Emporium Fortitude Valley. While Vlushe may be new to the area, owner and founder Tiarny Strachan is no stranger to the world of beauty having practised hairdressing her entire professional life and having created her own luxury cosmetic label. However, noticing a hole in the Australian beauty industry, Tiarny set her sights on her next big challenge: revolutionising the hair styling industry.

Vlushe Cosmetics & Blowdry Lounge offers all the beauty and styling services you would expect, with the surprising addition of a blow dry subscription membership. You can sign on for three months of unlimited blow drys for $55 per week, six months for $50 per week or 12 months for $45. It's the ultimate solution for busy women who want to look their best every single day while also saving time.

With all of this waiting for me, it’s no surprise I was fairly ecstatic to get started when Monday rolled around!

When I first arrived on Monday morning, I was stunned by how beautiful the salon was. With stunning white walls, high ceilings, marble countertops, plush leather armchairs and the most flattering lighting I've ever experienced, it was clear that Tiarny hadn't skimped on any of the frills and luxuries. The northern and southern ends of the salon featured floor-to-ceiling windows, flooding the salon with natural light, while the eastern wall showcased Vlushe's full range of cosmetics.



Greeted with a glass of champagne, I was guided to the basin and massage chairs where I was treated to a deep clean and relaxing head massage. Tiarny then talked me through the styling options I could choose from and, if I am being totally honest, I was overwhelmed at first. On their lounge iPads, Tiarny has curated an incredible catalogue of styles she has created and that I could choose from. With so many options, it took some um-ing and ah-ing but I eventually settled upon volumised curls. I had a meeting with a client to attend later in the day, so I wanted something that would make me look polished and feel confident. While Tiarny worked her magic on my dry and damaged locks (more on this later), I sipped on a cosmo and let myself relax...

Next, the reveal. As the mirror rose from the marble counter, I was pretty excited to see the final result. Lush, volumised, and so incredibly soft, the result was even better than I could have hoped. I had spoken to Tiarny about how I was nervous about damaging my already-dry hair even further, but it turns out I needn't have worried! At Vlushe they use Mr Smith haircare products, which, in addition to being vegan-friendly, are incredibly nourishing. With my first session of the week down, I was so keen for what the rest of the week had in store for me.



As I prepared to head into the salon on Tuesday, I felt genuinely excited for my session. While the curls from Monday's session had held their shape overnight, I had a post-work function that I wanted to look fresh for. I didn't have time to go home and wash and style my hair, so I stopped by the salon during my lunch break for a quick pick-me-up. After perusing Tiarny's lookbook, we opted for a fresh, sleek blowout with Farrah Fawcett-inspired waves. The blowout lasted through my evening event, maintaining a lot of its volume and shine even the next day.

Now with a full-fledged blowout addiction, I was eager to return for my next styling session which I scheduled for Thursday. I had a lunch date with a close friend as well as drinks scheduled for the evening. So, keen to keep things casual, Tiarny suggested I try a game-changing new blowdrying technique that she describes as "celeb hair". Achieved by twisting strands of hair and blasting it with warm air, the resulting style is a super gentle curl that looks absolutely effortless.



Next on the cards was Friday! I'll be honest with you, when it comes to beauty I love anything fun and playful. Turquoise eyeliner, glitter hair, holographic nails – if it's quirky or unique, I'm into it. With TGIF-vibes lifting my spirits, I asked Tiarny if we could do something a little left-of-field leading into the weekend. After a quick scroll through her menu of looks, I decided to go for an Ariana Grande-updo with a braid. This is a look I have double-tapped on Instagram many times, so I was excited to see how it looked on myself. While I look a little corporate in the picture below, in the evening I changed into a star-print, bell-sleeved dress for a look that might just be my pick of the week.

When Sunday, the final day of my week-long experience, popped up on the calendar I was pretty devastated. I had grown used to looking forward to my appointments, my hair is the healthiest it has ever been (seriously, everyone has commented on how good it looks!) and I am stunned at how much time I saved on personal grooming. But, all good things must come to an end. With a Sunday-sesh on the horizon, I selected my favourite waves – soft, volumised and full of body.



Honestly, I was blown away by Vlushe, Tiarny and the entire team. If this is what it's liked to be treated like a celeb all week long, then sign me up. My hair has never been healthier or stronger, I've never received so many compliments from people, I was (surprisingly) more confident every day, and, possibly most importantly, I realised how much time I spend grooming myself for less-than-spectacular results. Tiarny was able to do stunning things with my hair quicker than it takes me to style it myself, and with results that had my friends and colleagues commenting on how good I looked. If one thing is for sure, it's that I'm definitely addicted.

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Article by Siobhan Taylor

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