Vaniday. It's like Tinder for beauty, only better

Vaniday. It's like Tinder for beauty, only better

The Vaniday beauty app is coming to Brisbane. Swipe right to look really, really ridiculously good-looking every single day.

By Leith Wilson | 17th February 2016

It’s 4.30pm. You have exactly 30 minutes before happy hour at your local bar. You desperately need a blowout because your future husband, Dave (you don’t actually know his name, your cosmic senses just envisaged him as a Dave), will be there and you need to look good. But every salon you know is booked and it’s peak hour. On a FRIDAY.

So what do you do? You Vaniday it.

Vani-what? Well, it’s an app that connects clients directly with a wide variety of beauty and wellness services. In other words, it’s a life-changing platform that matches you with "the one": your perfect salon. Say goodbye to frizzy hair, patchy tans and chipped nails, and say hello to looking hot all the time!

We can easily swipe right to possible cuddle buddies, now future BFFs, restaurant reservations and taxi services, so it’s about time we swiped right to looking and feeling really, really ridiculously good-looking.

Alex Meyer, managing director of Vaniday in Australia says, “Users can browse and select salons by service, price, popularity or location and book online and on the go, 24/7.”

Dreams really can come true.

Launched in Brazil last March, this revolutionary app has quickly made its way to seven countries across continents. Expanding to Melbourne and Sydney already, Vaniday is set to hit Brisbane shores in the near future.

Determined to be the go-to destination for beauty and wellness services worldwide, Global Founder and CEO Maxime Legardez, says, “We wanted to create an experience that allows customers to book services based on their individual needs and have treatments booked in a matter of clicks.”

So avoid the long-winded conversations of disappointment with your hairdresser when your salon is full, and turn to the hundreds upon hundreds of hair, nail and makeup gods and goddesses right at your fingertips.

I know, I know. We’re all wondering the same thing: how do you know they will do a good job? Vaniday has this covered as well (is there anything they haven’t thought of?) by allowing users to rate and comment on their treatment.

Just type in your location, and book that blowout. You deserve it, gal.


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Article by Leith Wilson

A lover of ice-cream, travel, adventure seeking and fashion, Leith is a former Journalist at Style Magazines and is always on the hunt for her next pair of heels or foodie spot to squash her avocado obsession.


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