Turn Up The Base With Our Top Foundation Tips

Turn Up The Base With Our Top Foundation Tips

Take it back-to-basics and rediscover how to perfect your foundation for a seamless base.

By Siobhan Taylor | 2nd November 2017

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with foundation: while we love how it evens our skin tone and hides any blemishes, it can be difficult to perfect and your application routine can change day to day depending on your skin, the products you use, or even the weather. These foundation tips will help.

Foundation Tips

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Only apply primer where necessary. Depending on your skin, you might not need to apply primer to your entire face. If you get an oily T-zone around 2pm, prep your skin each morning by applying a mattifying primer to your T-zone before your foundation and powder.

Add an illuminating formula for a natural glow. For a slightly dewy finish and a natural glow, mixing a pea-size drop of luminizer to your foundation can add radiance to your skin tone. For a subtle, natural highlight, apply the mixture to only the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.

Change with the seasons. As the season changes, so does your skin. The shade that perfectly matched your rosy cheeks in winter might be too light for your sun-kissed skin come summer. While you can invest in multiple shades of your favourite foundation, it might be easier to customise your favourite foundation as needed, with colour-adjusting drops from the likes of The Body Shop and Cover Fx.

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