How to treat yourself to better skin

How to treat yourself to better skin

Claire Mason from Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners explains why giving ourselves a little TLC is critical for our skin health.

By Claire Mason | 1st December 2015

These days it seems like we’re always doing things for others instead of ourselves. As a result, our stress levels get higher and our overall health suffers. Giving back to yourself is important for your skin health, so here are a few ways to help you enjoy life and all of its wonders without having to worry about other people (and get better skin all at the same time!):

1. You need to relax

The most important thing you need to do is relax. Find a weekly activity that you love and that isn’t rough on your skin and enjoy it! Liberate yourself from every single problem you have, even if it’s just for a few hours. Relaxing will help to reduce your stress and prevent it from damaging your skin in ways you wouldn’t even imagine. Let’s just say it causes a lot more than wrinkles.

2. Treat yourself

Times are tough and the economy is unforgiving. While we’re busying trying to pay all those pressing bills and set money aside for retirement, it can be pretty difficult to keep some for our own enjoyment.

But we need to take care of ourselves and our skin! Take some of the money you’ve been saving, let loose, and use it to buy a nice product that will hydrate and moisturise your skin after hot showers. As soon as your skin starts looking better, you’ll feel better!

3. Detoxify yourself

Over time, our bodies gather a lot of damaging toxins that can cause our health to deteriorate. Detoxifying every once in a while is a really great idea – and I’m talking about more than drinking some water and taking a nice bath.

A healthy diet and exercise is crucial to properly detoxify, and relaxing will help make the toxins slowly disappear. As a bonus, you’ll look and feel better and your skin is going to be much healthier.

4. Go to the spa

After working hard all year, you deserve a little treat. Chances are that no one is going to offer you that treat so you need to treat yourself. A trip to the spa is going to do some amazing things for your skin’s health and, on top of that, you’ll have a very relaxing and pleasant day. Don’t hesitate; you deserve it!


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Article by Claire Mason

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