The Style Trial: The Lip Lab Brisbane

The Style Trial: The Lip Lab Brisbane

Styler Hannah created her own lipstick… And here’s what happened…

By Guest Styler | 23rd November 2016

If I had a dollar for every time I realised that my new “perfect lipstick” was too matte or too dark for my skin tone, I would be a millionaire by now. So when I heard that The Lip Lab was opening a new store on Brisbane’s Adelaide Street, I was over the moon!

The idea behind The Lip Lab is simple: you create your own lipstick. And it can be customised exactly how you like in three simple steps. Yes, you heard correctly… Your VERY OWN CUSTOMISED LIPSTICK!

At the shiny new Lip Lab store, one of the two owners Sarah and their operations manager Brad set me up in one of the booths and make me feel right at home as I prepare to be treated to their VIP experience with a decadent cheeseboard and a glass of champagne. We haven’t even talked lipstick yet but could this experience get any better?!

My colour consultant, the lovely Jade, chats to me as I dig into a smokey cheese. She asks me if I have any ideas for my lipstick but I’m still blown away by the cheese and only have a vague idea about colours.

“A sort of dark purple-brown?” I ask. Luckily Jade knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Jade from The Lip Lab begins to mix my lipstick colour

She squeezes out little blobs of all different colours – fuchsia pink, a dark brown and a creamy yellow colour. She mixes them together and I marvel at how they merge to produce a colour that’s almost exactly what I want.

Jade then asks what sort of finish I’m after – cream, matte or gloss (they also do a pure vegan base!). After mixing in a matte base, she hands me an applicator to try on the colour. It’s subtle and, despite the matte finish, the texture is nourishing and glides on nicely.

I test out my colour

I decide that I’d like it just a touch darker, so Jade squeezes out another dark blob and mixes it all together. After testing it once more, I decide that I love it.

Jade continues to perfect my lipstick colour

Next, I choose the scent. My mouth waters as I smell my way through cappuccino, chocolate, peach, lime and coconut. After a fair bit of deliberation, I settle on a gorgeous and subtle Persian Rose scent. After mixing it once more, Jade leaves to heat up the colour.

She returns with my colour and a metal device that could pass as a torture instrument (which I then realise is the lipstick mould). I sit, mesmerised as she begins to pour the liquid lipstick into the mould.


After about 15 minutes (which I spent eating more cheese, drinking more champagne and chatting to the lovely staff), Jade smooths the excess lipstick off the top and opens the mould to reveal part of the lipstick. Gently twisting the case over the top, Jade secures the lipstick in place and removes it from the mould. It looks beautiful!

One tip I have for anyone wanting to try out this experience is to COME PREPARED! There’s an overwhelming range of colour possibilities, so arriving with a clear idea of what you’re after will make the process a lot easier. Taking a photo of what you want is a great idea too!


The verdict
My first Lip Lab experience was everything I had hoped for: I created my dream lipstick which smells divine and is the perfect balance of colour, with a texture that lasts but is not dehydrating on the lips. On top of all this, I had the chance to enjoy tasty nibbles and a relaxed vibe with friendly staff. For a fun party idea or even if you just feel like treating yo’self, I’d highly recommend The Lip Lab Brisbane.

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Article by Guest Styler

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