The Hottest 2016 Hair Trends for Men

The Hottest 2016 Hair Trends for Men

Here are the latest cuts and styles set for Brisbane males this year.

By Guest Styler | 7th March 2016

We can safely say the topknot is out and the beard trend is going strong, but what else can we expect from the male noggin in 2016? (Well, on top of it at least; we have no idea what’s going on inside their head at the best of times.)

We spoke to Jimmy Rod, hair guru and founder of Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop, about the hottest male hairstyles and trends for 2016.

Whether you’re a guy looking for a new ’do, a gal wondering what you’re likely to see from this year’s Tinder dates or just trying to keep your man’s mane in check, we’ve got Jimmy’s five predictions right here:

Style 1: Textured side part

2016 hair trends, male hair trends, Jimmy Rod's

This look is for the modern, classic man.

This modern take on the classic side part is all about versatility. A great look for almost every man, the textured side part can work for all hair types. Those with lighter hair should keep in mind, though, that the texture will give their hair a much more voluminous look.  Perfect for the working week, this modern classic looks great with a suit and tie, but is just as suitable for a relaxed weekend look in chinos and a polo.

Style 2: Modern-day pomp

2016 hair trends, male hair trends, Jimmy Rod's

Sharp jawlines and this hairstyle were made for each other! <3

The modern-day pomp has stepped into the spotlight as one of the most requested hairstyles at Jimmy Rod’s Barbershops. Key features of this ’do are volume and height at the top with short sides and a blended back.
This hairstyle is great for emphasising a sharp jawline and elongating the face. The modern-day pomp is suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind spending a few minutes styling their hair every morning.

Style 3: Textured messy look

2016 hair trends, male hair trends, Jimmy Rod's

This is a manageable messy look that still looks trendy.

This low-maintenance, easy-to-style look is great for those who always find themselves sprinting out the door. A favourite with tradies and hospitality workers, the textured messy look has more volume than other classic cuts. This style is great for most face shapes; however, it tends to soften the jawline, so works particularly well with angular faces. The beauty of this style is that men can get away with minimal product use.

Style 4: Classic side part

2016 hair trends, male hair trends, Jimmy Rod's

WARNING: This hairstyle requires some serious styling.

For the high-rollers and corporate types, the classic side part is perfect for the boardroom. This professional look was made to go with a suit and will have you looking and feeling sharp. Suitable for all face shapes, this style fantastically complements all jawlines. This cut does require serious styling so if your man comes home sporting a classic side part you should brace yourself for more shared mirror time.

Style 5: Beard and classic side part

2016 hair trends, male hair trends, Jimmy Rod's

This slick hairstyle does justice to a well-groomed beard.

Whether you love them or loathe it, there’s no sign of the beard disappearing yet. Teamed with a classic side part cut, this look is the perfect combination of hipster cool and timeless style. The beard and classic side part creates a softer jawline while elongating the face and head. If he’s going to rock the bearded look, it’s crucial to keep it tidy around the neckline, upper cheeks and lip.

Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop has just opened the doors to its 11th Australian store at Broadway on Adelaide, 133 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. The store will be offering time-poor CBD workers a sharp haircut, along with beer on tap, cold drinks and lunch.

Need some more hair-spiration? Check out @jimmyrods Instagram or

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