Suffering from red, inflamed cheeks?

Suffering from red, inflamed cheeks?

Claire Mason from Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners shares the common causes for your awkward blushing.

By Claire Mason | 4th July 2016

Are your cheeks crimson, even though you’re not blushing and haven’t been in the sun? If so, your body could be telling you something.

The most common causes of red cheeks and a red face include:
• Inflammation/reaction
• Environmental damage
• Disease, i.e. diabetes and rosacea
• High blood pressure
• Infection or trauma
• Some medications
• Unsuitable cleansers or creams
• Hormonal imbalances

If left untreated, redness in the skin often gets worse. Not only will it look obvious, it may also lead to more uncomfortable conditions. Once diagnosed, you can often treat your red skin successfully with a combination of clinic therapies and a prescribed home care treatment.

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Article by Claire Mason

Claire is the founder of Integrity Paramedical Skin Practitioners in Brisbane. When she is not in the clinic educating clients on optimum skin health she’s exploring Brisbane’s outdoor scenery with her three adorable pooches Timi, Mimi and Sammy or investigating Instagram for new eateries, trendy fashion hubs and health tips.


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