Style Trials: My First Facial

Style Trials: My First Facial

Candice tries her first facial a.k.a "why the heck didn't I do this sooner?!"

By Candice Jackson | 1st October 2015

I’ve had pedicures and manicures, massages, and even unusual spa treatments that had me floating on a body of water saturated with 350kg of Epsom salts in an enclosed tank, but the most classic of all beauty spa treatments still evaded me; the facial.

All I really knew was that they usually ended with a magical type of mask.

The Mask, 1994

The Mask, 1994

No, not that type of mask, the beauty kind!

But after my first facial at Jurlique in Brisbane's Wintergarden I discovered a facial is way more than just a mask and I’m fairly certain there are few things in this world more indulgent than said facial.

The pampering starting from the very moment I stepped through the door, as I was offered tea or water and ushered to the private beauty room to chat about my skin concerns and current regimes. If there's one thing I learned from our story on what your beauty therapist wishes you’d do, it was that they can tell when you're fibbing about how often you care for your skin. I 'fessed up about my minimal to non-existent beauty regimen and mention my concerns of stress related breakouts and skin redness so my beauty therapist, Katie, could get on with her job.

It's usually pretty normal to be asked to take your kit off when hopping on a massage bed, but I didn't realise that a facial would also require this as they massage the arms, necks and shoulders during the facial (doh! I highly recommend wearing something with fewer buttons). The thing that happened next struck me as strange though, as Katie began wrapping me in numerous blankets, tucking me in tightly around the bed, like a warm blanketed cocoon. The facial would take 60 minutes and have four steps, I was told, so I should just sit back, relax and enjoy having goop smeared on my face (OK, she may not have said that last bit).

1 Double Cleanse

I’m all for double anything, cheeseburgers, denim, dates… so when I was told I would be getting a double cleanse of my skin with a pulsating brush cleanser over the top to deeply cleanse, I didn’t flinch. Go for it, Katie!

2 Skin Analysis

Once my skin was squeaky clean, Katie swung around a big lamp to highlight my skin for her analysis. She established the congestion around the chin which I addressed as a concern, and she also highlighted the importance of sun protection and to avoid harsh exfoliants (like scrubs) and scolding hot showers (guilty!) as my fair complexion can be easily stimulated. There was also slight dehydration throughout my outer cheeks and forehead, and I’ve made a promise to myself to drink more water.

3 Steam and Signature Compressions

Steam was used on my face to aid in a deeper exfoliation and to decongest the pores for my next phase…

If I thought the cocoon caught me off guard, the signature compressions were next level weird, but equally amazing. Katie used Jurlique’s Calendula/Lavender Hydrating Essence during the signature compressions to soften and stimulate the skin. A heated towel was folded over my face, tessellated over and over to cover everything but my nose. Before I could think “what’s happening?” Katie began pressing down on certain sections of my face to reduce tension as part of the lymphatic drainage massage. By this stage, I felt soooooo relaxed.

4 Moisture Replenishing Mask

The last touch of my facial was the application of the Moisture Replenishing Mask to boost my skin’s moisture levels and to achieve that radiant glow every girl wants (minus the baby)!


Then the blanket cocoon was unwrapped, and I immediately felt like a kick-ass beautiful butterfly.

After leaving the private facial room (clothed again) my beauty therapist Katie gave me a great simple routine that I could begin at home to maintain healthy balanced skin, while also mentioning the key products used within the facial that would be perfect for continual use, and why.

The classic signature Jurlique facial had me leaving feeling pampered, relaxed and refreshed. My face was so smooth, fresh and full of a natural glow that I decided to skip the make-up routine for the next two days, and not a single person asked me “are you okay?” or “are you sick?” which is the usual response. Am I right, ladies?

Candice was a guest of Jurlique Wintergarden for this exclusive Style Trial.


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Article by Candice Jackson

Candice Jackson is a former Journalist of Style Magazines. She has an uncontrollable sweet tooth, an irrational fear of birds and a love of travel. Candice believes in the Yes Man Philosophy.


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