Would You Get Your Eyebrows or Eyeliner Tattooed?

Would You Get Your Eyebrows or Eyeliner Tattooed?

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By Claire Deane | 24th March 2016

OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking. And it’s probably something straight from the Humans of Walmart Facebook page. But facial tattooing has actually come a long way!

Imagine being able to get out of bed in the morning, whack on some BB cream and face the day – sans mascara, if you feel like it. No more smeared eye makeup at the beach; panda eyes after a big night out would be a thing of the past. I could go on, because I’ve just had my face tattooed (sorry, Mum!) and I love it.

Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery, feathering or etching) is the latest trend in beauty, with women in Korea all over it. And in case you weren’t aware, they’re our benchmark for beauty trends.

It’s a semi-permanent treatment that’s done by hand, with a very fine blade to deposit the pigment. The “brush strokes” mimic the look of fine hairs on your brows, or thicken up the line between your eyelashes to give you more definition. The result (which lasts for about two years) is super subtle, natural and enhances your natural facial features.

According to my beauty therapist, Leona from Simply Laser, it’s an art. “We take the existing brow shape and add very fine strokes that look natural and age well. It’s not about drawing in a really solid block of colour on the face!”

Your first question is probably “Does it hurt?” And the answer is no! I was getting my eyeliner tattooed, so the area was numbed for six minutes before Leona used a fine angled blade to dab the colour in-between each of my eyelashes.

More than anything, it felt like someone was pulling a bit on my eyelashes. After the treatment, my eyes felt a bit grainy, but didn’t hurt. And while I looked like I’d watched The Notebook and every other sad movie in history, I was able to drive and all puffiness was gone by the next day.

Post-treatment care involves drops in your eyes each morning for five days, and 10 days without eye makeup. You may also need a touch-up, as the pigment can fade on some skin or if you’re low in iron. But all in all, it was no more painful than an eyebrow wax.

The eyebrow tattooing takes slightly longer – around two hours – as there’s potentially more area to fill in, but think of all the time you’ll save in the morning! Now you won’t have to get one eyebrow perfect only to find the other totally lopsided!

As with any permanent (or semi-permanent) procedures, especially ones that involve your face and your precious, precious eyebrows, I recommend only getting your microblading done by a trained professional.In Brisbane, you can get microblading done at Simply Laser or Brisbane Eye Couture.

Would you get your face tattooed in the name of beauty? Head to our Facebook and tell us what you think!

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Article by Claire Deane

Claire is a digital marketer, google analytics nerd and social media addict. She has worked with big and small brands across a range of industries, from fashion to food, with digital publishing platforms to yoga studios, education institutions to wedding accessory designers. She’s also written a book on building a business as an introvert that’s been featured in Collective Mag and Design*Sponge and teaches SMEs how to build their businesses via her workshop series, Homeroom. Follow her at @clairemdeane or www.clairedeanemarketing.com


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