I’ve always accepted that I was destined to be slightly uncomfortable in my own skin. With a long list of skin issues (with rosacea, broken capillaries and scars just the tip of the iceberg) and, now in my 30’s, my ambition for plump, wrinkle-free skin is feeling more and more like an unattainable pipedream.

Recently, a friend suggested I try skin needling, a treatment which she described as ‘life-changing’. While the word ‘needling’ certainly freaked me out a bit (needles are not my thing, by any means) the buzz and hype I had noticed around skin needling gave me the courage I needed to try it.

For those not in the know, skin needling is a treatment that creates micro-perforations in the skin typically followed by advanced serums. Collagen and elastin are produced through the stimulation of the surface of the skin and deeper penetration by the serums, resulting in skin that is smooth and plump. When needles are involved you obviously want to do your research first!

Think Aesthetics is an industry leader in cosmetic tattooing and skin services and are the go-to experts for general clients and practitioners alike. As specialists in advanced skin treatments, Think Aesthetics uses only the most advanced treatments. They are dedicated to providing clear, honest advice on what will work for each client, no matter their skin goals.

Your treatment begins with a personalised one-on-one consultation with your therapist. Kirsty, my therapist throughout my treatment, explains, “A consultation allows us to assess your skin condition and determine the most appropriate treatment for you and your skin goals. For smoother skin, greater elasticity, collagen development and the elimination or reduction of fine wrinkles, the Dermatude program would usually be recommended. If there are other skin conditions such as rosacea, treatment including LED light therapy may be recommended. For deeper wrinkles or scarring then deeper needling may be required.”

Skin Needling 101 With Industry Experts Think Aesthetics

First, I was treated to a cleanse, tone and skin massage, followed by the Dermatude enzymatic peel.

When I spoke with my specialist during my initial consultation about skin needling (as well as some of my reservations) they were quick to reassure me and recommend the most appropriate treatment for my skin. Ultimately, I underwent the Meta Therapy Facial, which is a very superficial micro needling of the face to enable the active ingredients to go down into the dermal layers of the skin and to promote cell regeneration. The Dermatude system is specifically designed to minimise skin trauma and risk, and the technicians have very specific procedures to ensure the treatment is as hygienic and skin-safe as possible.

During my consultation, my skin technician made sure I knew what to expect, but I was still a little nervous to begin with. However, much to my surprise, the treatment was much like a luxury facial! I was treated to a cleanse, tone and skin massage, followed by the Dermatude enzymatic peel and then the needling itself. If you’re nervous about needling, you needn’t be. The needling only made up 10-minutes of the hour treatment and, while tingly and slightly uncomfortable, it wasn’t painful or unbearable. Areas such as the forehead were most sensitive, but even then it was no worse than plucking your eyebrows. Kirsty, my wonderful beauty therapist, was so helpful and calming throughout, helping me lie back and enjoy my treatment! After the needling, I experienced a refreshing and hydrating hyrdro-mask, which was a very soothing and cooling way to end my treatment. I was equipped with my personalised at-home treatment instructions, as well as a thorough recommendation of the products that I could use to best enhance my results.

Skin Needling 101 With Industry Experts Think Aesthetics

The needling only made up 10-minutes of the hour treatment and was no more uncomfortable than plucking my eyebrows.

Also, if you’re worried that the procedure will leave you with tender and bleeding skin, it won’t. This particular treatment is designed to penetrate the thinnest layer of skin meaning it won’t actually cause you to bleed. The downtime is so minimal that you can even apply mineral makeup immediately after which is perfect if you’ve opted for a mid-week lunch break treatment. If you are looking for a more intense treatment, they also offer a deeper needling treatment that can treat deeper wrinkles or scarring, but you can chat with your therapist about this during your initial consultation to discover what is best for you!

It’s also worth noting that not all treatments are created equal. While dry needling rollers have been an ‘at home’ option for over 30 years, they are very difficult to use efficiently and safely. There is very little control on the depth of penetration and no advice on what to use in terms of products. Plus, at-home rollers can create V-like holes from the rolling motion that are actually not great for the skin.

Skin Needling 101 With Industry Experts Think Aesthetics

Dermatude is known for their range of high-quality, results-driven products.

One treatment is a start but my journey doesn’t end here. To get maximum benefit, I‘ve committed to a program that comprises of 4 weekly treatments followed by two treatments two weeks apart. The response to needling will, of course, vary depending on lifestyle factors, but I personally have already noticed an improvement and, while it might sound almost gimmicky, my skin is glowing! While my skin is usually dehydrated and tired looking, only one week on I am already noticing dramatic differences. My skin is plump, my complexion is clearer and my skin feels tight and lifted.

5 Things To Expect From Think Aesthetics:

• Deeply personal service and care
• A complete home-care treatment plan
• Expert recommendations
• Luxurious and comfortable treatment
• Noticeable skin improvement

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