Take This Seasonal Colour Analysis Quiz To Find The Beauty Shades That Suit You 

Risky quizness 

By Teagan Witherow | 4th October 2023

We’ve all fallen victim to donning the wrong shade of lipstick or wearing blush that totally clashes with our complexion (*yes, guilty*), but what if we told you there’s a simple solution to all these beauty woes? Would you believe us if we said the answer lies in the seasons? 

It’s questionable, we know, but here’s where seasonal colour analysis comes in. Big in the 80s and even bigger on TikTok right now, it’s all about identifying which shades best accent your natural features based on what season you are. 

Keen to follow suit? We’ve got a quiz to help you determine your season… 

How would you best describe your skin’s undertones? 

  1. Cool pink undertones 
  2. Cool blue undertones 
  3. Warm yellow undertones 
  4. Warm green undertones

What eye colour do you have? 

  1. Blue 
  2. Green 
  3. Brown
  4. Hazel 

What’s your natural hair colour? 

  1. Blonde 
  2. Light brown 
  3. Red
  4. Dark brown/black 

What jewellery do you wear? 

  1. Silver
  2. Mixed metals
  3. Gold 
  4. Rose gold 

What colour best suits your style? 

  1. Blue 
  2. Purple 
  3. Orange 
  4. Brown 

Mostly As: Winter 

The winter colour palette likes to keep it clear, classic, and cool. Opt for ashy, light eyeshadows, winged black liners, and red lips. 

Mostly Bs: Summer 

The summer colour palette is filled with soft shades and cool tones. Think rosy blush, a nude lip, delicate eyeshadow, and touches of subtle fresh pink. 

Mostly Cs: Spring 

Spring skin loves highly saturated colours, like pinks, greens, and yellows. Be sure to avoid icy hues though. 

Mostly Ds: Autumn 

Autumn is all about deep hues – dark red, warm, rich, and glowing products. A smokey eye is ideal for autumn skin! 

Header image via @nikki_makeup

By Teagan Witherow




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