Along with a hoard of new season fashion trends, New York Fashion Week also showcases a new wave of beauty trends. From subtle colour pops at Balmain to bold clashes at Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta, one thing is clear: we need to start adding a lot more colour to our makeup bags, pronto!

Opposites Attract

The age-old theory rings true when it comes to applying colour to your makeup look. To really make those peepers pop, look to the colour wheel and choose the shade sitting directly opposite your eye colour. “For blue eyes, opt for orange hues, coppers, bronzes and warm-based reds,” says Brisbane based makeup artist, Mia Connor. Opposite shades complement each other perfectly and are the best place to start if you aren’t comfortable experimenting with your eye makeup too much.

Keep It Simple

Be careful to not be too OTT when it comes to adding colour. If you’re a bit of a maximalist you may be tempted to go bold bold bold, but the biggest thing to remember when it comes to colour is that less is more. Choose one focus point, Mia says. “Whether it is a pop lip or a splash of colour in your eyeshadows, don’t do both!” Choose one focus point, such as a bold lip or a splash of colour in your eyeshadows, and make that the focal point.

Don’t Be Afraid To Clash

It might sound crazy, but sometimes clashing colours is exactly what you need to take your look to the next level. It’s a risk, but sometimes it just works. Try using clashing colours in your eye makeup, such as a flick of colour at the lash line that contrasts with your shadow. Keep the rest of your makeup fresh and light for a look that’s somehow subtle yet bold.

How We Are Wearing The Latest Eyeshadow Trend

Be Subtle

Mastering this eyeshadow trend is a bit of a balancing act, and sometimes just a hint of colour is enough. Try smoking away a black liner with a feature colour such as dark purple, navy or dark green or using a pop of colour for your transition colour.

Perfect The Base

“When it comes to colour on the eyes, it’s all about perfecting your base,” says Penny Antuar. Creating a clean canvas and toning down the rest of your makeup will allow those bold shadow colours to really pop.

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