The Plastic-Free Hair Products Your Locks Will Love

The Plastic-Free Hair Products Your Locks Will Love

Saving our oceans one shampoo at a time.

By Melissa Myrteza | 4th September 2018

The humble shampoo bar has foamed its way into our lives and we are now shamelessly inseparable. Natural shampoo is about as good as it gets. With our hectic lives now fraught with guilt every time an entangled turtle makes its way onto our news feed, a little peace-of-mind is sometimes a better remedy than we realise. While we aren’t saying to adopt every stray animal you come across, a little change to better the earth can be very rewarding.

With a range of colours, scents, properties and effects, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose your first bar. Below is a list of our favourite alternatives to give that minimalist life a little push in the right direction.

Beauty and the Bees Shampoo Bar – Sampler Box | Biome

Biome is our local Indooroopilly store that has been helping us lead that plastic-free life a little more easily since its opening this year. This handy box with 6 different shampoos is the perfect option to test the waters. For $15.95 you can find your perfect hair shampoo bar. Handmade in Tasmania, these chemical and palm oil free bars are the way to go. Rich in plant and nut oils and herbs, these bars will thoroughly but gently clean your hair. You will get Grass Roots, Yoghurt and Lemon, Apple Cider Tonic, Rosemary Mint, Voodoo Bamboo Charcoal and Eggcellent Egg and Lemon in your sampler box… we think the flavours speak for themselves.

The ANSC Solid Shampoo Original | Flora and Fauna

Australia’s largest BCorp Certified vegan and cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle store has got us covered with some of the best bars out. This guy is great for dry, itchy scalps and is naturally conditioning. Its deep cleansing properties are extracted from plant oils and can even be used on the body! You can purchase this NSW based baby online from Flora and Fauna for under $10 with a small shipping rate of $6.95.

Godvia Solid Shampoo | Lush

With a host of nut oils, butters and scented in jasmine, this little guy conditions moisturises and softens hair – shampoo and conditioner in one! For under $20 you can get yourself natural shampoo and conditioner in a travel case… bargain much?

Jungle Solid Conditioner | Lush

Packed with fresh tropical fruits, oils and cocoa butter, this bar or goodness is both naked and self-preserving. Think fresh avo, passionfruit, and figs. For only $10.95, a little goes a long way!

Hemp Seed Oil & Leatherwood Honey Shampoo Bar | Bee Beauty

Beauty and the Bees are now celebrating 25 years plastic-free so they clearly know what they’re doing. This unscented creamy, shampoo bar is dense with essential fatty acids, perfect for dry, sensitive hair. Naturally chemical-free, the leatherwood honey soothes and heals the scalp while the plant oils hydrate your luscious locks. The best option for those who don’t want scents confusing their perfumes, you can buy it online for only $12.50.


Dirty Hippie Shampoo Bar | Flora and Fauna

Made from Neem and Tea Tree, citrus and sage, you don’t need dreadlocks to use this bar of magic. Made with Silica-rich Bamboo Powder to increase thickness and growth, this is the ideal option for those with thinner hair. Neem oil soothes itching and naturally extracted Vitamin B5 and Citric Acid stop frizzing. For only $14 this bar will last up to 25 washes, is naturally moisturising and packed compassionately.

A Guide To Plastic-Free Shampoo

A shampoo bar follows the same routine as a bar of soap. Bars need a little tough-love rub, some serious foaming and of course, the scalp massaging that makes every hair wash day a little bit better. Either foam the bar directly into your hand or straight onto your locks. You will be saving pocketfuls by leaving behind the price tags of some seriously overrated shampoo brands, swapping them out for an economical, natural alternative that can last up to 100 washes! What about conditioning you might find yourself asking? While most are naturally conditioning, some of us need a little extra conditioning. Lush (our go-to brand for natural, cruelty-free products) has created their own conditioning bar to accompany their plastic-free shampoo.


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