By Liana Latter from Stefan 

More often than not, women are unaware of the process in perfecting their eye makeup, in turn, making the concept of glamorous eyes a little daunting.

The order in which you apply your makeup is surrounded by confusion, due to people blogging about it who have no idea or others who have simply found a way that works for them. We’ve consulted our industry make-up experts to provide a simple process that will help frame your eyes and create that professional look.

2. The initial step is to start with framing the eyes by using the Stefan Professional Brow Sculpting Kit. By beginning with your eyebrows, you’re framing the eye socket for your eye shadow and liner application so this will make your job a lot easier.

2. Now you have a clear arch to work with, move on to applying your preferred shade of eye shadow to build intensity. We recommend choosing a colour from one of our five Stefan Professional Brilliant Eyeliner palettes to ensure your eye shadow’s durability.

3. Apply a neutral base colour across the entire lid, this is usually the lightest out of all shades you want to use, then blend slightly darker colours to the outer lid and crease to add intensity.

4. Now you want to move onto a liner to tidy the lids; we recommend our Stefan Professional High Precision Liquid Eyeliner to ensure a neat, easy outline of your lids. Pull the skin next to your eyelid tightly with your fingers and draw a thin line upwards from your lower lash line to create a slight flick.

5. Thinly line your upper lash line and connect both into an outwards flick; making sure you fill in the gap to create a subtle cat eye. Determining the correct eye shadow and liner for your desired look are far easier to achieve with bare lashes so we recommend leaving mascara until last.

6. Once your eye shadow and liner has been perfected, curl your lashes and apply Stefan Professional Luscious Lashes Mascara to complete your look.

Following these steps will help you achieve effortless eyes on a daily basis!

Stefan Make-Up

Stefan Make-Up