The New York Fashion Week Hair Trend You’ll Want To Wear Everyday

The New York Fashion Week Hair Trend You’ll Want To Wear Everyday

Things got hairy at New York Fashion Week.

By Christie Sutherland | 13th February 2018

Mum, I’m coming for the top drawer of your dressing table! And I am kind-of sort-of maybe happy about it.

To most of our horror, last year New York Fashion Week saw the return of the scrunchie and no matter the devastating feels, it quickly turned into the most adored summer accessory of the season. It made messy hair Instagramable again and held those salty strands in place for an effortless summer.

As much as it made our hair look good, the ‘saving it for later’ around the wrist look still throws shivers down my spine.

Its fame wasn’t long-lived and now, we have a new fascination thanks to Alexander Wang.

This year, it seems our hair will take on a fruitier look with the 80’s banana clip (also known as the claw-clip) making its debut in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2018 Collection at New York Fashion Week.

The look is being pulled off with a tough, powerful female appeal and has been deemed dramatically dynamic for the up and coming fall season. I guess, in fashion, it’s all about reintroduction and the age-old saying “what comes around goes around” is more prevalent than ever.

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If you’re deciding whether to welcome the trend back into your life, ensure that you follow the below when looking to rock the banana clip this season.

1. Don’t wear it because your hair is wet and you’re too lazy to pull out your hair dryer or brush.

2. Avoid the once-popular dishevelled updo as it isn’t attractive and that’s what you use bobby pins for.

3. Keep the placement of the banana clip in the centre of the back of your head, not to the side falling into a ponytail that brings my little pony to life in human form.

4. Don’t go small, keep it as oversized as possible because if you don’t the clip will soon be fluttering in as a butterfly clip and that’s just too far.

5. Keep the look strong with no loose strands and effortlessly curled to ‘frame’ your face.


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Article by Christie Sutherland

Christie Sutherland is a former editor of Style Magazines. To her, limits are there to be pushed and there is always a time for polka dots and a piccolo. Do it with love or not at all, that’s all.


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