One Of Our Favourite Beauty Brands Has Just Gone 100% Vegan

One Of Our Favourite Beauty Brands Has Just Gone 100% Vegan

MECCA MAX goes vegan.

By Siobhan Taylor | 2nd August 2018

And this is one reason why it is so exciting to hear that MECCA MAX, the cosmetic label behind makeup giant MECCA, is now 100% vegan!

In a statement made by the MECCA MAX team in a press release, "Our customers asked and we listened. After a rigorous review of our entire collection, Mecca Max is proudly, delightfully and definitively 100% vegan from 1 August, 2018. The collection will contain no animal-derived ingredients or undergo any animal testing of any kind." While the brand has been entirely cruelty-free since it's inception in August 2017, the move towards being 100% is a fantastic announcement.

"Why would anyone put makeup on me? I'm already stunning!"

“The Mecca Max brand is born from the shop floor and is a direct reflection of what our store hosts and our customers want in a makeup brand,” says Brand Manager Ellie Hockley. “We knew that animal-friendly products were important to our customers, so it made complete sense for us to remove any animal derivatives or by-products from our formulations without compromising on their performance.”

Now fans of the brand can be happy knowing that the products they are using have been produced in a way that is entirely animal-friendly. And if that's not worth celebrating, we don't know what is!

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Images: Mecca Max


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Article by Siobhan Taylor

Brisbane gal through and through, Siobhan is an avid cider-enthusiast and a keen believer in brunch (house deposit be damned). When she's not at the beach, she can be spotted lusting after makeup she can't afford, re-watching The Office (the US version, obviously) or annoying her friends with her insane astrology theories (she's an Aquarius, FYI).


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